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2016 Emmys: Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Can Tony Hale Threepeat or is Louie Anderson a threat to win?

Can Tony Hale Threepeat or is Louie Anderson a threat to win?
Can Tony Hale Threepeat or is Louie Anderson a threat to win?

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Is Tony Hale set for a three-peat in Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Veep? According to three of our Emmy Experts he is. This category is certainly no stranger to multiple consecutive wins so it’s certainly possible. His submission, “Inauguration,” is much like his last year’s win in that it builds up to a single big speech. Yet, it’s not so much a comedic one than a dramatic one.

Single votes for Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt) and Louie Anderson (Baskets) find themselves with #1 positions. Burgess’s episode, “Kimmy Gives Up!” was a bit of a surprise since it’s a bit lackluster compared to his socially, political and personally more complex Mikado-inspired episode “Kimmy Goes to a Play!” Anderson, a wonderful first-time surprise nominee (well, to some) enters the fray with a layered and sometimes somber episode of the FX series Baskets in which he (as the mother of Zach Galifianakis twins) is dead set on a nice Easter mass and buffet only to have to fall apart. He could absolutely pull off a win in a very sympathetic yet still very funny submission.

Matt Walsh, a surprise second nominee from Veep (most expected Timothy Simons to break through this year), Keegan-Michael Key (in the final season of Key & Peele), Andre Braugher (Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s sole nomination) and Ty Burrell (the last man standing for Modern Family) seem like real longshots here but stranger things have happened. Key does get to reprise his Barack Obama, which might put him ahead in this section of the pack and the show snagged a shocking Cast in a Comedy Series SAG nomination last year for literally just Key and co-star Jordan Peele, so like I said, stranger things.

Here are the rankings for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series from the Emmy Experts:

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