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2016 Emmy Predictions (May)

Who's Getting Emmy Nominations This Summer? The Emmy Experts Know
Who’s Getting Emmy Nominations This Summer? The Emmy Experts Know

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The May predictions for the 2016 Emmys from The Emmy Experts are here and you’ll see a lot of unity amongst the group but with a few eye-opening fringe predictions and even a few headscratchers. Jonathan and I are going out on a limb and predicting a shocking (or not so shocking?) snub in Comedy Series for 5-time winner Modern Family and instead seeing Mom make it in for the first time. I’ve also got two acting nominations for The Americans (Matthew Rhys in Lead Actor and Allison Wright on Supporting Actress)…for the moment. The Americans could be one of those shows like the little-seen The Wire that is the critics’ favorite but sees very little Emmy love or like Friday Night Lights, which went from little-seen favorite to Emmy winner in two top categories. Check out the most recent Emmy podcast between Fred Artico and myself from this weekend where we talk about the Drama and Comedy Series categories.

Lots of love for Louis C.K.’s self-funded Horace and Pete. Not only did he fund the first (only?) season of the show himself he’s paying out of pocket for the DVDs and FYC campaign for the show. All Emmy Experts are expecting black-ish to break into Comedy Series this year and when the Emmy ballots are released, expect likely Writing and/or Directing predictions as well.

The success or failure of Mr. Robot at the Emmys has been cause for much debate. The Golden Globes and BTJA loved the show and stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater but sometimes the Emmys are slow to jump onto zeitgeist shows. It could play out like Orphan Black or it could explode.

As Todd VanDerWerff and I talked about in Emmy Podcast #11, the TV Movie and Limited Series categories are probably as rich as they’ve been in decades. I can’t recall a more competitive year in those categories as this year. Hugely critical and ratings hits like Fargo and The People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story should reap high double-digit nominations. The latter could see a dominance in the Supporting Actor category. The limited series could be so big at the Emmys that is pushes out two other “American” shows: American Crime and American Horror Story – both of which have enjoyed huge Emmy success for their previous seasons.

Check out the May predictions for the 2016 Emmy nominations below and click the image for a high-res look.

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions - Part 1
2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions - Part 2

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