Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

2016 Oscars Poll: Which Foreign Language Entries Will Make the 9-Film Shortlist?

Top; Austria's Goodnight Mommy, Colombia's Embrace the Serpent. Bottom; Brazil's The Second Mother, Taiwan's The Assassin
Top; Austria’s Goodnight Mommy, Colombia’s Embrace the Serpent. Bottom; Brazil’s The Second Mother, Taiwan’s The Assassin


Eighty-one countries have submitted films for consideration in the Foreign Language Film category for the 88th Academy Awards® and now it’s time for you to vote on what films you think will make the 9-film shortlist. Heavy hitters like Son of Saul (Hungary), The Assassin (Taiwan) and The Second Mother (Brazil) seem like safe bets but you never know with that selection committee. They could pull a Dogtooth and go outside of the box with something like Austria’s horror thriller Goodnight Mommy just as easily as pick a more high profile film.


Number of female directors: 15. Iris Elezi (Albania); Anna Muylaert (Brazil); Kulikar Sotho (Cambodia); Laura Amelia Guzman (Dominican Republic); Ines Tanović (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Deniz Gamze Ergüven (France); Zenia Makki, Christelle Ighniades and Maria Abdel Karim (Lebanon); Alanté Kavaité (Lithuania); Ivona Juka (Montenegro) Mercedes Arias and Delfina Vidal (Panama); Arami Ullon (Paraguay) and Sonja Prosenc (Slovenia).

Number of LGBT films: 4. Dominican Republic, Greece, Lithuania and Thailand.

Number of Documentary films: 2. Switzerland and Paraguay.

Number of Animated films: 1. Palestine.

Last year, the shortlist announcement was on December 19th so expect a similar timeline for this year.


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