Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

2020 Emmy Nominations reactions: Kerry Washington, Lynn Shelton’s family, Paul Mescal and more

Emmy nomination reactions are coming in from stars and craft nominees alike. I’ll be updating as they come in.

Kerry Washington, nominated for four Emmys: Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie for Little Fires Everywhere in addition to the nominations she and her production company Simpson Street have received as an executive producer for Outstanding Limited Series or Movie – Little Fires Everywhere, Outstanding Television Movie – American Son, and Outstanding Variety Special – Live In Front of a Studio Audience.

“To be recognized in this way this morning is such an honor – but to be able to share it with my partner Pilar Savone and our Simpson Street family makes it even more meaningful.

The experiences we’ve been able to have this year were beyond our wildest dreams: working with the legendary Norman Lear and Jimmy Kimmel to bring iconic shows from the 70s to new audiences with Live In Front of a Studio Audience, to adapting AMERICAN SON, a Broadway play about Black lives and police violence to Netflix, to bringing Celeste Ng’s beautiful novel Little Fires Everywhere to life with my incredible friends Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter and Liz Tigelar.

But the tears came this morning when I heard about Lynn Shelton’s nomination for Little Fires Everywhere. I’m so incredibly grateful that the Television Academy has chosen to honor Lynn with this very deserved nomination. I know she’s celebrating in the beyond.”

Statement from Lynn Shelton’s parents, Wendy Roedell and David “Mac” Shelton

“That Lynn is honored by the Television Academy is not only a tribute to her accomplishments as a director but her style of directing.  Always in control but kind-hearted.  Making the final decisions but always soliciting input from her colleagues. Colleagues, yes, that is how she regarded everyone on the set, from grips and gaffers and set and costume designers to the director of photography and the actors.  This is an honor for the ultimate collaborationist who knew that she would produce her best if she teased the best out of her teammates.”

Liz Tigelaar, creator/showrunner, LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE

“I am so excited – this feels completely surreal. I’m so happy for ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ to be recognized and to be in company with these other incredible, ground-breaking limited series. It was such an honor to adapt Celeste’s beautiful book – and the show’s nominations are a tribute to the hard work of every single person who poured their heart and soul into it. To make a show about race and class and motherhood at this particular time was a deep honor and the best, most illuminating experience of my professional life. It’s also been such a time of grief. We have been in mourning as a show – for the loss of our beloved director, Lynn Shelton, who is missed every day, and also for the deep grief that our country is experiencing, in the wake of the wave of senseless murders of Black men and women. We are in a reckoning as a country and this show challenged us in making it and, I hope, the audience in watching it, to look at the parts of ourselves that we’re afraid to look at. The message is: we can’t not look. Thank you for seeing us – it truly means so much. I know how thrilled Lynn would be to have received this honor and as we celebrate as a show, we’re holding her and her family close in our hearts.”

Lenny Abrahamson (Outstanding Directing For A Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special) for NORMAL PEOPLE

“I’m so happy and grateful to have been nominated for my work on ‘Normal People’ and delighted for Paul, Sally, Alice and Louise for having their amazing work recognised. Making the show with broadcasters as supportive as BBC and HULU was a joy from start to finish. Sally’s novel is so rich and powerful and I’m beyond proud of the work that the whole cast and crew put in so that we could do it justice – all under the umbrella of my film making home, Element Pictures, led superbly by Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe. All four nominations we received are a tribute to everyone who put their hearts and souls into this show. I want to pay particular tribute to Daisy Edgar-Jones who gave such an extraordinary performance as Marianne – my nomination is as much for her as it is for me. I also want to thank the brilliant producers, Catherine Magee and Emma Norton who were at the heart of everything, as well as Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann whose contribution was vital, and Suzie Lavelle, dazzling director of photography and Nathan Nugent, editor supreme and my right hand man. Above all, my love and gratitude go to Ed Guiney whose wisdom, skill and spirit animated the whole enterprise.”

Paul Mescal (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie) for NORMAL PEOPLE

“I am so utterly honoured to have been included in the nominations list today alongside such immense actors I have admired from afar. Normal People was created by a huge cast and crew who deserve so much recognition for their incredible work. Most importantly I want to thank my amazing friend and brilliant co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones as the show would not have got the extraordinary response without her electric performance.”

Helena Bonham Carter (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series) THE CROWN

“I am thrilled to receive an Emmy nomination. Margaret was a gift of a part and was a dream job. This is icing on the most full fat delicious cake I’ve ever eaten.

Also given these past few months I have become ever more grateful to my television.  It has been my window to the world.

And I’m so thankful to the parts that television are now offering to women. We all know middle age is when we get interesting and it’s so great that stories are being made where we are invited to lead rather than retire to being the  mother or grandmother in the background ….women of all ages and colour have never had it better  Thank you Telly!”

Octavia Spencer (Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie) SELF-MADE: INSPIRED BY THE LIFE OF MADAME CJ WALKER

“This is my first individual Emmy nomination and I am humbled and grateful to the Television Academy for this incredible honor and for recognizing the importance of this story.  Today, more than ever, we all have a responsibility to enlighten, educate and entertain an audience and it was a privilege for me personally to portray Madam CJ Walker, someone who resonated so deeply with me on every level. Thank you to Netflix, Springhill, Warner Bros. Television and Wonder Street Entertainment for being such great partners on this passion project.”

Andrew Scott (Guest Actor in a Drama Series) BLACK MIRROR

“I had such a great time playing this extraordinary part in Black Mirror. Thank you so much to the Television Academy for honouring me in this way, and to Damson, Topher, Charlie, Annabel, James and the gang for being such brilliant collaborators.”

Billy Porter (Lead Actor in a Drama Series) POSE

“It’s blessing and a gift to be part of this moment where my art and my activism meet. ‘Pose’ represents hope and is a reminder of how powerful ‘we-the-people’ are!”

Toni Collette (Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie) UNBELIEVABLE

“I’ve been acting for thirty years now. I love telling all kinds of stories about all kinds of people. It still excites me to get up at three, four or five am to go hunt out obscure parking lots where we set up a whole new world each day. But working on something like Unbelievable makes it all the sweeter. I am so proud to be part of a ridiculously talented team telling a story that really matters. It has been a thrill for all of us knowing that this story has resonated far and wide with both women and men all around the globe.  And so, I’m truly over the moon to be nominated. We must celebrate all that we can in this unstable time of real struggle.”

Giancarlo Esposito (Guest Actor in a Drama Series) THE MANDALORIAN

“I am completely blown away as I wasn’t aware nominations were being announced today. This double nomination for “Better Call Saul” and “The Mandalorian” comes as the most delightful, overwhelming surprise. I am honored to be recognized by the Television Academy, and want to give thanks to my Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian families whose tireless work I am continually in awe of.  I am in gratitude for this incredible honoring.”

Uzo Aduba (Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie) MRS. AMERICA

“I am grateful to be nominated for my work in Mrs. America, and for the life of someone as remarkable as Shirley Chisholm to have been seen. This spot of sunshine, during a time of unequal measure, means so much today, and to share the nomination with my fellow cast mates is just icing on an already well frosted cake. Thank you, Academy!”

Jeremy Strong (Lead Actor in a Drama Series) SUCCESSION

“It’s hard to put into words how much this means to me. Being recognized at this level in the company of so many Giants is an indescribable honor. It is something I have hoped for, impossibly, my whole life. The bar is so high on television right now – there is so much genuine and brilliant work, so much fellow talent that I am in awe of – that I feel humbled and proud to be able to contribute a single sound to this great symphony of my peers. Congratulations to the whole Succession family. But mainly,  #teamkendall.”

Nicholas Braun (Supporting Actor in a Drama Series) SUCCESSION

What an amazing day, I am so excited for my whole Succession family! Playing Greg is so damn fun, and I’m deeply thankful and honored to be recognized for it. I’m going to drink a rosé that is “not my favorite” to celebrate!

Anthony Anderson (Lead Actor in a Comedy Series) black-ish

“I am honored to be nominated for an Emmy for the 6th year in a row alongside my talented co-star Tracee Ellis Ross and the costume department and hair team.  We are proud of the stories we have been able to tell on “black-ish” and given the current climate in which we all live, our voices need to be amplified. I’d like to thank ABC for renewing our show for a full season and for keeping us on the fall line up. I also want to congratulate “Live In Front Of A Studio Audience: “All In the Family” and “Good Times”” for their nominations. It was a thrill to work again with that cast and crew in particular the great Norman Lear and my friend Jimmy Kimmel!”

Christina Applegate (Lead Actress in a Comedy Series) DEAD TO ME

“I’m so proud of my wonderful friends Linda Cardellini and Liz Feldman and the entire cast and crew of Dead to Me. These are strange times. Sad times. But it’s nice to have some good news. Much love”

Linda Cardellini (Lead Actress in a Comedy Series) DEAD TO ME

“I am thrilled and humbled to be nominated this morning with all of these incredible women whom I admire so much. Especially my dear friend and partner in crime Christina Applegate. You’re my person. I feel so fortunate to collaborate everyday with all of the incredible women who run this show. Liz Feldman, thank you for your genius and for giving life to ‘Jen and Judy.’  What a wild ride. This show is truly a team effort and I am so grateful to everyone involved. Especially our hardworking cast and crew. This is a celebration of everyone’s work today. Love and congrats to all.”

Betty Gilpin (Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series) GLOW

“To the Television Academy- how dare you. I really can’t stress enough how much of a threat this nomination is to my current quarantine brand of pasta and sad. In the Time Before, being born with a healthy protective emotional wall missing meant I got to channel that into pretend time in exchange for health insurance and claps. Until today, apparently here in the apocalypse, these skills were about as meaningful as a worm’s hymn in a canyon. I’d like to thank the cast and crew, and the Academy, and seasonal depression, and honestly Nathan Lane, and before this nomination phoenixes me out of mediocrity and I explode into ribbons just real quick the cops who killed Breonna Taylor still have not been arrested.”


Jeremy Pope (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie)

“Thank you to the Television Academy, my entire HOLLYWOOD family, and to Ryan Murphy for giving me my television debut. My heart is full.

I’m proud to see so many Black artists nominated this year. It gives me hope that systemic change in our entertainment industry is not only possible, it’s imminent.

As an artist, it takes a lot of faith to trust that there is space for the stories I want to tell and that the dreams in my heart are tangible.

Today was a reminder that seeing is believing and everything is possible.”

Jim Parsons (Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie)

Well, this is a really sweet surprise in the middle of a really weird time in the world – thank you to the Television Academy! I’m very moved to be listed alongside such talented actors, and am eternally grateful that Ryan Murphy gave me the chance to be a part of HOLLYWOOD and to work with such an immensely gifted group of people – the whole experience was about as good as it gets and I know how fortunate I was to have taken this journey.

Dylan McDermott (Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie)

“I was absolutely stunned! What an honor it is to be nominated again! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you to the Television Academy for recognizing me and to Ryan Murphy and my Hollywood family.”

Holland Taylor (Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie)

“If a role is a blueprint for what we do, I have to say it’s Ellen Kincaid who possessed the big goodwill for all, the big heart and the Moxie, as Ryan Murphy would put it, to capture the special feeling that would earn this nomination. So I’m grateful SHE is who I got to play. In this once in a century moment, goodwill is our real wealth. And in this year’s bountiful crop of great performances, it’s a real feather in my cap to be included in this notice from the Academy, who have often been good to me. Hollywood’s designers, writers, directors and my fellow actors were all in an excited top gear this season and it shows. Certainly a glowing highlight of my career that came as a gift.”

Nathan Barr (Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special (Original Dramatic Score) for HOLLYWOOD

“To be nominated with so many other amazingly talented composers is a huge win in itself.  It’s gratifying to have all those hours and days spent in the studio seen and heard and acknowledged.”



“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been a joy from the very beginning. We have a wonderful team and we are honored to be in the company of these great nominees.” 


“It is so exciting today to get nominated for an Emmy along with all my creative collaborators on our show! Thank you Amy, Dan, Dhana, and Amazon!!!” 


“The opportunity to follow ones creative instincts and the ability to collaborate with exceptional artists are for a designer truly special gifts. Mrs. Maisel has given me these gifts, making the nomination particularly significant because it recognizes that others have appreciated our work and become a part of our world. It is a joyous moment for the team and encouragement to keep the passion we value on the project alive.”


“Wow, just wow. I am so proud and excited to have just been nominated again for mixing this amazing and challenging show along with all the rest of our phenomenal cast and crew. There just aren’t enough superlatives. And I’m honored to be in the same category as all of the other illustrious Sound Mixing nominees.”


“Boy is this exciting! Every season of MRS MAISEL tops the previous one, with Dan and Amy pushing us to do so much more with the sound and it’s just terrific when that work is heard and leads to an Emmy Nomination!”


“Thank goodness for the mute feature on zoom because we may have blown out some ears cheering for team Maisel this morning. Writing songs for Maisel and collaborating with the A-Team of craftspeople who make this gorgeous, funny and smart show was already the gift of a lifetime—so to be recognized by our music peers alongside some of our musical idols is truly overwhelming. Thanks to the entire marvelous Maisel music team as well as the stellar singers, actors and musicians who brought our songs to life. Most of all huge thanks must go to the mad geniuses behind it all, Amy & Dan, for always raising the bar of excellence and believing that two music theater geeks could create a songbook for Shy and the Silver Belles that swings believably alongside classic music we love. We are now going to raise a glass together to this crazy year, via zoom, and try not to spill it on our laptops.”


‘I am delighted for my team and myself, thank you very much Television Academy’

Michael Douglas (Lead Actor in a Comedy Series) THE KOMINSKY METHOD

“There’s not a lot of good news these days, so I was honored to receive the nomination from my fellow academy members. An opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful writing of Chuck Lorre and Al Higgins; a spectacular cast led by Alan Arkin, who makes me look good, and the strong support of Netflix. Thank you all!”

Alan Arkin (Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series) THE KOMINSKY METHOD


Tituss Burgess (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie) for UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT: KIMMY VS. THE REVEREND

“This one strikes differently. It’s been a rough year for all of us. This honor is about more than acknowledgement. It’s about motivation to be my most authentic self so I can create authentic work. This news has lifted me in ways I did not anticipate! Much love and gratitude to the Academy and my Kimmy family.”

Ron Cephas Jones (Guest Actor in a Drama Series) THIS IS US

What a humbling feeling to be recognized by the academy once again for my work on This Is Us. It’s been a privilege to work with this talented cast and crew. This show is one that keeps on giving and I’m forever grateful to be a part of it. Big congrats to my on-screen son, Sterling K. Brown and Phylicia Rashad on their nominations.

Bradley Whitford (Supporting Actor in a Drama Series) THE HANDMAID’S TALE

“I’m so grateful to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, to everyone on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ team here and in Toronto, and especially to the heart and soul of the operation, Lizzie Moss.  I can’t wait for the day when we can all get back to the joyous, difficult work of telling stories together. In the meantime, in the name of all that is holy, please make sure you are registered to vote on November 3rd. Check your status today at vote.org.  Stay safe.”

Samira Wiley (Supporting Actress in a Drama Series) THE HANDMAID’S TALE

“During these very uncertain times it is moving to be reminded of the impact of telling stories about such brave and fearless women. And to be in the company of such talented women is a great honor. Thank you to Hulu, MGM and the cast and crew.”


Bruce Miller, creator/showrunner

“We are beyond grateful to the Television Academy for this nomination, it’s a testament to the lasting relevance of Margaret Atwood’s book 30 years after it was published, and an honor to be recognized for our extrapolation of her world. I’m incredibly proud of our cast, crew, writers, directors and producers for their hard work and thrilled for our team to receive this recognition.”

Elisabeth Williams (Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program)

“Martha, Rob and I are proud to represent the hundreds of people in locations, construction, paint, props, set dec, graphics, set design, picture cars, greens and special effects departments who work tirelessly to bring this beautiful show to the screen and we are thankful to the Academy for the nomination. That our work continues to be recognized is a testament to the overall quality of this compelling series. This particular nomination is unequivocally tributary to the exquisite cinematography by Stuart Biddlecombe and brilliant directing by Dearbhla Walsh.”

Natalie Bronfman, Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes category for THE HANDMAID’S TALE

“All I can say is WOW. What a fantastic surprise! I am working with the most amazing team who worked tirelessly to get this amazing show to camera. Incredible, thank you from all of us!”

Laura Karpman (Gov of the Academy of Motion Pictures Music Branch/composer) – 2 noms for Outstanding Music for a Documentary Series and Outstanding Main Title Theme Music both for WHY WE HATE

“I am thrilled, shocked and elated to have received two Emmy nominations this morning for the music for Why We Hate. I hope that as a result of these nominations, this incredibly prescient series will become even more a part of the public consciousness. We need to root out hatred in this fragile world of ours. Thank you Geeta Gandbhir, Sam Pollard, Alex Gibney and Steven Spielberg for this amazing collaboration. And thank you to all of the incredible musicians who lent their voices to the music.”

David Collins and Jennifer Lane, Creators & Executive Producers (Outstanding Host of a Reality or Competition Program) QUEER EYE

“We are beyond excited, humbled and proud to receive these seven Emmy nominations for Queer Eye, and couldn’t be happier that the Fab Five have been recognized in the Outstanding Host category! We set out to bridge divides with empathy and joy and the recognition of that work by fans across the globe and the Academy is truly rewarding. Thank you! “

Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, directors (Outstanding Directing For A Documentary/Nonfiction Program and Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series) TIGER KING: MURDER, MAYHEM AND MADNESS

“Thank you to the Television Academy. It is a huge honor to be nominated amongst such great documentaries. And many thanks to our amazing team!”

Nicole Kassell (Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series or Movie) WATCHMEN

“Thank you so much to the Television Academy for the overwhelming recognition of WATCHMEN. It has been such a gift to partner with this incredible cast and crew, especially the extraordinary Damon Lindelof, to bring to screen this wild and wildly important story. And thank you to HBO for their unwavering support and belief in this show. I’m so proud that WATCHMEN has lived up to the words that Frank Scherma expressed today – our duty as filmmakers is to use this medium to make change. This show has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life, allowing us all to soar creatively and grow in ways no words can describe. Regina, Jeremy, Lou, Jean, Yahya, Jovan, and the rest of our amazing cast – BRAVO – your performances are extraordinary. I’m simply gobsmacked by the roar of these accolades. Thank you!”

Chuck Lorre, creator (Outstanding Comedy Series) THE KOMINSKY METHOD

“Thank you to the members of the TV Academy for inviting us to the party! I’m guessing it’ll be on Zoom, so I can just wear the top half of my tux. I also want to congratulate Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin for their well-deserved nominations. Gentlemen, it has been such an honor to work with you both. And also a big, “without-you-I-am-so-screwed” thank you to Al Higgins, Netflix, Warner Bros, and everyone who worked their ass off on The Kominsky Method! And lest we forget – congrats to Patti Lee for her cinematography nom for Bob Hearts Abishola! LONG LIVE NETWORK TELEVISION!”

Susannah Grant, Showrunner/Writer/Director and Sarah Timberman, Executive Producer (Outstanding Limited Series) UNBELIEVABLE

“On behalf of the entire “Unbelievable” team, we’re honored that the Academy has recognized our show with 4 Emmy nominations. We were lucky to work with great artists and craftspeople in every department and are so proud that their work is getting this attention. “Unbelievable” takes a hard look at sexual assault and its aftermath – a challenging subject that’s too often ignored, trivialized or exploited in media. With these nominations, the Academy sees and honors the experience of rape survivors who have felt ignored and disbelieved for way too long.

We’re extremely grateful to journalists Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller who reported and wrote the original article on which the show is based. We’re also forever indebted to the real people who lived the events of this story – Detectives Stacy Galbraith and Edna Hendershot, and, first and foremost, Marie – for trusting us with their story and giving us permission to share it with the world.”

Susie Mancini (Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (Half-hour) SPACE FORCE

“This Emmy nomination is especially uplifting to me and my team who gave so much love and dedication into this show. It’s an honor. Greg Daniels believed in me since the day we met and I will always be grateful to him for his blind support. Working with him, along with so many masters of comedy and technical professionals on the show, pushed me to do the best work I was capable of. The biggest shout-out goes to every single person in my Art Department. A great ensemble of talent and I share every success with them. Inspired by many icons from Ken Adam and Kubrick, up to Space X, the main catalyst however was fueled by us, the entire Space Force team – directors, writers, producers, costumes, post, VFX and everyone involved. I knew, with Space Force, I was taking on a project that was going to push my limits and challenge me, and it did, and I’m honored to have this show be my first Emmy nomination!”


Peter Morgan, creator (Outstanding Drama Series, Writing for a Drama Series) =

“This is really wonderful news, and I want to thank everyone on the team that works so hard to produce The Crown. Humbling news too, of course, in the context of the extraordinary times in which we are living.”

Martin Childs, Production Designer (Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Period Or Fantasy Program (One Hour Or More)

“Hugely thrilled to have been nominated for our work on The Crown. Even after three seasons there’s always some massive new challenge to design thanks to such inspiring scripts. Aberfan was the toughest, the most essential, the most demanding and the most rewarding episode.”

Adriano Goldman, ASC, BSC, ABC, Director of Photography (Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series (One Hour) for

“I’m absolutely honoured and thrilled to be nominated for the EMMYS for my work on THE CROWN. This wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible team we have on the show. Collaborating with Peter Morgan and Ben Caron and so many talented artists has been an amazing experience.”

Martin Phipps (Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)

“Delighted to receive a nomination for my dutiful service to The Crown. Carrying on its legacy was a tough ask, but a rewarding one. Also honoured to be included alongside such talent as Britell, Goransson, Bensi/Jurriaans & Labrinth. What an awesome line up this year! Congrats to the other nominees for The Crown including the amazing Peter Morgan.”

Thomas Mizer and Curtis Moore, songwriters (Outstanding Music & Lyrics)

“Thank goodness for the mute feature on zoom because we may have blown out some ears cheering for team Maisel this morning. Writing songs for Maisel and collaborating with the A-Team of craftspeople who make this gorgeous, funny and smart show was already the gift of a lifetime—so to be recognized by our music peers alongside some of our musical idols is truly overwhelming. Thanks to the entire marvelous Maisel music team as well as the stellar singers, actors and musicians who brought our songs to life. Most of all huge thanks must go to the mad geniuses behind it all, Amy & Dan, for always raising the bar of excellence and believing that two music theater geeks could create a songbook for Shy and the Silver Belles that swings believably alongside classic music we love. We are now going to raise a glass together to this crazy year, via zoom, and try not to spill it on our laptops.”

Thomas Golubic (music supervisor) BETTER CALL SAUL, Outstanding Music Supervision

“I just heard the good news about the Emmy nomination for Better Call Saul music supervision as I am waking up from my return from a 2-week Covid-19-dodging RV road trip through national parks and campgrounds in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. What a lovely bit of news to celebrate over my first homemade espresso!”

Matthew Flood Ferguson (Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period or Fantasy Program) HOLLYWOOD

“Bringing Hollywood’s Golden Age back to life was a dream job come true for me and a complete joy. I am honored to be nominated for the EMMY for my work on “HOLLYWOOD” and thrilled for all my colleagues on the show for all the recognition the show has received. Collaborating with Ryan Murphy has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. We’re honored by the nomination and congratulate everyone else for their incredible work in this category.”

Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, Directors (Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Special) THE GREAT HACK

“We are honored and humbled by this recognition from our documentary peers. The persistence of weaponized disinformation, voter suppression, social media’s impact on democracy, and data rights violations make The Great Hack more relevant than ever. We made this film to shine a light on invisible forces that threaten the very foundation of our open society. Thank you to everyone globally who has watched and vigorously discussed the urgent issues raised by the film. Where there is awareness, there is hope.”

Craig Plestis, Executive Producer of (Outstanding Competition Program and Costumes for a Variety, Reality or Competition Program) THE MASKED SINGER

“I’m so elated for the entire MASKED SINGER family! We’re so proud to make a show that brings joy to so many people, and this morning’s nomination is just icing on our bright, colorful, furry & feathery singing cake!   Thank you to the TV Academy and to our fans, this is such an incredible boost as we put the final touches on this season’s new costumes!   Thank you, thank you – as we say on The Masked Singer, protect your identity and your health so please keep your mask on!”

Norman Lear and Brent Miller (Outstanding Variety Special – Live) LIVE IN FRONT OF A STUDIO AUDIENCE: ‘ALL IN THE FAMILY’ AND ‘GOOD TIMES’

“We couldn’t be more excited and humbled by the Television Academy‘s 4 nominations this morning. We are deeply grateful to Sony Pictures Television and ABC for their ongoing support of this series — and let us not forget this special aired the night of Trump’s impeachment. With 98 days left until the election, and the day after one of us turned 98, it all seems so poetic. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the amazing Jimmy Kimmel. So thanks to him, our incredible cast and crew, and everyone involved in making this show.”

INGRID MICHAELSON – Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics

“I am honored to be nominated by the Television Academy alongside such talents. Little Fires Everywhere is a show about mothers and daughters. About being a woman. About letting go and growing. I consider myself lucky to be a part of this incredible piece of art. An immense thanks to Liz Tigelaar and the rest of the Little Fires Everywhere family for their support.”


MARK ISHAM – Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special (Original Dramatic Score)

“Such an honor to be nominated with the always fabulous Isabella THE MACHINE!! And for such a wonderful show – and with the support of the best team ever!”

ISA SUMMERS – Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special (Original Dramatic Score)

“So wildly grateful to everyone involved in helping me with my first score; what a good time we had making this show. I am so honored and proud – and to be able to work alongside Mark Isham has been such an incredible experience.”


Ludwig Göransson, (Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score)

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Television Academy for my work on The Mandalorian. Deepest thanks to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, true visionaries who so brilliantly brought the Force to the uncharted territory of this new medium while encapsulating the magic and nostalgia of the original trilogy. I would also like to thank the talented Los Angeles recording musicians who brought such heart and soul to our collaboration.”

Mathew Wood, Co-Supervising Sound Editor (Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series, Half-Hour)

“Having so many categories recognized for our team this morning was a lovely reminder of the outstanding camaraderie and vision we experienced making this show. All of us are Star Wars fans at heart, and it’s been a dream to be able to put our energies behind that love and be heard! This is the way!”

Andrew L. Jones (Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program – Half-Hour)

“The team is beyond thrilled to be nominated. We’ve worked together for a long time and it is an honor to receive this recognition. We are proud of this show and are so grateful to the Television Academy.”

David Acord, Co-Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer (Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series, Half-Hour)

“I’m very proud of our Skywalker Sound team! Everyone was extremely passionate about this project. I am thrilled for our work to have been recognized by our peers.”

Brian Sipe, Makeup Department Head, (Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special)

“Thank you to all of the Television Academy members for supporting our work on “The Mandalorian” with an Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series nomination this year. It is such a humbling honor to be recognized with so much great work out there. I am so proud of all of the members of “The Mandalorian” Makeup Team.  We are all such fans of “Star Wars” and have a sense of duty to keep up the sensibility, tradition and look of the universe. Again, thank you ALL very much.”

Richard Bluff, Visual Effects Supervisor (Outstanding Special Visual Effects)

The Mandalorian is a collaboration between some of the most creative artists and technology pioneers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside. I’m absolutely thrilled that their efforts have been recognized by their industry peers. Congratulations to Jon, Dave, and everyone who contributed to The Mandalorian and all of our fellow nominees.”

Ryan Watson – Stunt Coordinator (Outstanding Stunt Coordination in a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie)

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by this nomination and it would not be possible without Mandalorian stunt double Lateef Crowder and the rest of the stunt team. We have been working together for over 15 years and I consider them family! A special thanks to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni who gave me a chance as an up and coming stunt coordinator. I don’t have the words to thank them enough for this opportunity. We were very fortunate to work with episodic directors on “The Mandalorian” who were always open to our suggestions and helped our team elevate the action to feature film level quality. I thank you and truly appreciate your partnership! Lastly, a sincere thank you to all the fans who have embraced the show. It’s an honor to work on “Star Wars” and we are so happy that people are enjoying these stories as much as we do.”

Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS, Director of Photography + Baz Idoine, Director of Photography (Cinematography for a Single Camera Series – Half Hour)

“Technically, it was great to push boundaries to the edge on THE MANDALORIAN , while never losing sight of its singularly strong story.  The collaboration between myself and Baz, as well as Jon, Dave and ILM –alongside the episode directors — allowed us to completely reinvent the way drama is photographed. For these reasons, I’m very proud to have shared the work with audiences and to be recognized by the esteemed TV Academy.”

Bonnie Wild (Outstanding Sound Mixing for Comedy or Drama Series – Half Hour – or Animation)

“In the words of a Brit, I am chuffed to bits. I’m thrilled to be considered in the categories of sound editing and mixing, and proud to be a part of a team that worked fearlessly to deliver this track. It really does feel good to be visible in this space and for all the hard work to be recognized.”

Greg Whiteley, executive producer (Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program) CHEER

“When we landed in Corsicana, Texas a year ago to begin filming Cheer, it would’ve never occurred to any of us that we’d be nominated for an Emmy—let alone six. We feel like we just made mat. We are incredibly grateful to the TV Academy for recognizing this series, and to the Navarro College Cheer team for letting us into their world and allowing us to share their stories.”

Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Creator and Writer (Outstanding Animated Program) BOJACK HORSEMAN

“I’m so excited they’re apparently still doing the Emmys this year! That’s wild!! Are we sure about this???”

Liz Feldman, creator (Outstanding Comedy Series) DEAD TO ME

“Thank you to the Academy for recognizing DEAD TO ME – it’s a lifelong dream come true. I’m incredibly proud to share this moment with our amazing cast, crew and partners at CBS Studios & Netflix. I created DEAD TO ME as a way to work through my own grief and loss, hoping that Jen and Judy’s story might help people through theirs. For our traumedy to be honored in this way is a twist I did not see coming. It’s truly life-affirming and I’m deeply grateful.” 


The Duffer Brothers, creators (Outstanding Drama Series)

“Wow, what a start to the day! Thank you so much to the Academy for this incredible honor, and for continuing to show such amazing support for Stranger Things. It took an army of passionate, talented artists to bring season 3 to life, and we’re particularly thrilled to see so many of our behind-the-scenes artists — sound, VFX, editors, music, and stunts — recognized for their amazing work. From all of us on team Stranger — thank you!!”

Shawn Levy, executive producer (Outstanding Drama Series)

“It is a tremendous honor to have our show and third season recognized by The Television Academy alongside such great series and storytellers. Working alongside the brilliant Duffer Brothers continues to be one of the great honors and joys of my career, and our cast and crew is deeply grateful for this acknowledgment.”

Dean Zimmerman, ACE, Editor, (Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series)

“I’m humbled and honored to be nominated for my work on Stranger Things and thrilled for all of my colleagues. This show is a tribute to a team effort and willingness to strive for perfection. Working with the Duffer brothers and Shawn Levy has been incredible. This nomination honors my collaboration with my protege Katheryn Naranjo, which makes this moment all the more gratifying. The support and unwavering dedication of all my colleagues, specifically Netflix, is what makes working on this series the greatest thrill of all.”

Craig Henighan, Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer( Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour)

“I’m honored to be nominated for Emmy awards for my work on STRANGER THINGS and thrilled for all of my colleagues on the production for the recognition that the show has received. Collaborating with Matt and Ross Duffer and Shawn Levy has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. It’s a family atmosphere that allows us to be incredibly creative. Working on this series has been a joy from the very beginning.”


Ben Semanoff (Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series)

“I am so unbelievably honored to be nominated for an Emmy for my work on Ozark, and proud of everyone in the Ozark family for their outstanding contributions. It is humbling to be amongst such an impressive group of directors. I am grateful for the support, and encouragement of Chris Mundy, MRC, Netflix and of course Jason Bateman who has been, and continues to be, a graciously generous collaborator. Working on this series has been the highlight of my career.”

Armando Salas (Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series (One Hour)

“It is humbling for my work on OZARK to be nominated for an Emmy alongside such an accomplished group of cinematographers. I’m fortunate to have collaborated with immensely talented colleagues. The images on screen are a result of that team effort, and I’m thrilled we are being recognized.”

David Bomba Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (One Hour or More)

“I’m so very thrilled about the Emmy nomination for my work on OZARK and to be in the company of my fellow honored colleagues. The opportunity to work on a show with the caliber of writing and directing that is involved is a gift in itself. It is particularly gratifying to have been recognized alongside Jason Bateman and Chris Mundy with whom I collaborated on the creative tones of this season when establishing the new elements that were introduced. With their company, my incredible crew and the inspiration of all the other artists, I am both so very grateful for this recognition and all the more excited to carry these high standards into the next season.”

Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans, composers (Outstanding Music for a Series)

We are absolutely thrilled to be nominated for the music of Ozark, and honored to be among such a talented group of composers.  A huge thank you to Jason Bateman for bringing us on board and the whole production crew for making this such an amazing show.  We’d like to thank our music team, and specifically our long time collaborator and team leader Chase Deso, who has been an integral part of the Ozark score since day one.”

Chris Mundy, Showrunner, Executive Producer and Writer (Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series)

“We all feel so lucky to get to do Ozark. It’s been a labor of love for all of us, across every part of production. So, to realize that some of that feeling shows through and to have it recognized by the members of the TV Academy in so many different categories makes us all extra appreciative.”

Michelle Radow (Contemporary Makeup, Non-Prosthetic) BIG LITTLE LIES

“We are beyond excited and uplifted during this time to receive this nomination. I’m so proud to stand with The Big Little Lies makeup team as well as the other talented nominees in the Best Contemporary Makeup category.”

Monica Aldama, Head Coach of the Navarro College Cheer Team (Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program) CHEER

“CHEER received SIX Emmy nominations this morning!!! Three years ago I was approached to film a series about my Navarro College cheer program. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the amazing ride that was to come. As a private person that doesn’t like the spotlight, it was a huge leap of faith to open up my life to the world. The film crew literally became our family and will always have a special place in my life. Thank you, Greg Whiteley, for having a vision and telling our story in a such a powerful way. Chelsea- what can I say- you know how to push me out of my comfort zone more than anyone else. Cinnamon, Ashley, Nick, Devin, Arielle, Melissa, Erynn, Rebecca, Zach, Keri, Weston, Alissa, Victor and all the other wonderful people that worked on Cheer- y’all are amazing! Finally, a huge thanks to Netflix for making these Emmy nominations possible.”

Erik Messerschmidt (Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series (One Hour) MINDHUNTER

“It is such honor to be nominated for my work on Mindhunter and I’m humbled to be included amongst such extraordinary talent. Working on Mindhunter has been a pivotal part of my life. The opportunity to collaborate with David Fincher, Carl Franklin, and the entire cast and crew was a beautiful experience, I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the show.”

Claire Parkinson (Outstanding Contemporary Costumes) THE POLITICIAN

“I’m so thrilled to be nominated for the Emmys for my work on The Politician. I am incredibly grateful to have gotten this opportunity to collaborate with Lou Eyrich and the incredible Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk & Ian Brennan team who made this experience a dream come true. Working on this series has been a true delight and I’m honored to be nominated alongside such inspiring and talented Costume Designers. This wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of each member of the costume team & the rest of The Politician family.”


Maria Schrader (Outstanding Limited Series and Outstanding Directing For A Limited Series, Movie)

“I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be nominated.”

Antonio Gambale (Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series and Main Title Theme Music)

I am extremely happy to be nominated for my work on a project I enjoyed so much working on. It was a truly amazing experience working with artists such as the showrunners and director (Anna, Alexa & Maria) who strived to unfold the humanity of the characters, their true pains and struggles and therefor made the casting process evermore challenging and fruitful. It was exciting diving into the world of Yiddish speaking actors and holding auditions in Yiddish; It’s a totally different kind of music in the audition room than usual. This is the second time I have worked with Maria Schrader. It is an honor to place actors under her helm as her deep understanding of actors’ capabilities make for outstanding performances. And most of all, I am grateful for the actors’ talent, devotion and risk taking. It makes all my work even more worthwhile.

Esther Kling, Casting Director (Outstanding Casting For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special)

“I’m so thrilled to have received two nominations for my music on Unorthodox this year!  I’m so proud of our show, especially the entire cast and crew. I’m also proud of how it found such a loyal audience the world over. It was such a joy to work with everyone, and it’s been great to see all the trust and support Netflix put into our show.”

“It’s an honor to share the legend of Clarence Avant, a man who has never stopped fighting for social justice in entertainment, athletics and politics. His impact on culture connects us all.”

Pharrell Williams, performer/co-writer “”Letter To My Godfather” (Outstanding Music and Lyrics) THE BLACK GODFATHER

“Thank you to the TV Academy and thank you to the incredible Nicole Avant, Reginald Hudlin and Netflix for sharing the story of The Black Godfather.”

“It is indeed an honor to have worked on American Son with this wonderful cast. The film is not only a precious work of art, but an important reminder to America of how far we yet have to go.”

Kenny Leon, Director (Outstanding Television Movie) AMERICAN SON

“It is indeed an honor to have worked on American Son with this wonderful cast. The film is not only a precious work of art, but an important reminder to America of how far we yet have to go.”

Tony McNamara (Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series) THE GREAT

“It’s an incredible thrill to get an Emmy nomination and in the company of such brilliant writers. I’m so grateful to the TV Academy for this recognition honor. Huzzah!”

HILLARY (Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series)

Secretary Hillary Clinton: “When I was first approached about participating in a documentary on my life, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t particularly like to talk about myself, let alone for 35 hours! This was a real leap of faith, but I put my trust in Nanette Burstein and her desire to tell a story bigger than my own. What she managed to unlock was masterful, detailing fifty years of the women’s movement in America through my experiences, and conversely, putting my own journey in a larger cultural and political context. A huge heartfelt thank you to the Television Academy, to Nanette & her team, to Hulu, Propagate, and all those involved with this documentary. And most importantly, thank you to all those who watched it. I hope that this story reminds us that progress is possible, and that television remains an incredibly powerful medium for telling complex stories.”

Executive Producers, Ben Silverman & Howard T. Owens: “Secretary Hillary Clinton is one of the most significant public figures in recent American history, and we had the privilege of working with the brilliant, thoughtful Nanette Burstein to tell her story. We had no idea what to expect when we began filming. What we got was a funny, complicated, candid, personal perspective into “…the most investigated innocent person in America”. Nothing was off limits – what you see is what you get. Thank you to the Television Academy for our nomination!”

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