Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

2021/2022 Film Awards Calendar

The 2021/2022 awards calendar will be updated throughout the year as new dates for film’s biggest and best events, nominations and awards are announced.

After and extended season last year that took eligibility all the way to February 28, 2021, the Academy has decided to make 2021 eligibility 10 months long, from March 1 – December 31, but also to keep the 2020 pandemic rules in place for streaming content. This is most likely a stop gap until we are completely post-pandemic.

With no Golden Globes this season (or at least no televised version on NBC), Critics’ Choice quickly came in and scooped up the Globes’ usual spot, the second Sunday in January.

The Academy revealed that Oscar shortlists will be December 21, Oscar nominations will be February 8 and the 94th Academy Awards will take place live and in person at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 27, 2022.

Color code:

Orange – Nominations
Blue – Film Festivals
Green – Awards
Purple – Events
Red – Voting Periods



21st – Gotham Awards Nominations


29th – Gotham Awards


2nd – Hollywood Film Critics Association Nominations (HCA)

6th – Critics Choice Awards Nominations (BFCA)

10th – Oscar Shortlists Voting Begins 9am PT (AMPAS)

15th – Oscar Shortlists Voting Ends 5pm PT (AMPAS)

21st – Oscar Shortlists Announcement (AMPAS)


6th – Hollywood Critics Association Awards (HCA)

9th – Critics Choice Awards (BFCA)

12th – Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations (SAG)

15th – Governors Awards (AMPAS)

25th – Cinema Audio Society Nominations (CAS)

27th – Oscar Nomination Voting Begins 9am PT (AMPAS)


1st – Oscar Nomination Voting Ends 5pm PT (AMPAS)

8th – Oscar Nominations (AMPAS)

27th – 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

MARCH 2022

7th – Oscar Nominees Luncheon (AMPAS)

13th – British Academy of Film and Television Arts Film Awards (BAFTA)

17th – Final Oscar Winner Voting Begins 9am PT (AMPAS)

19th – Cinema Audio Society Awards (CAS)

22nd – Final Oscar Winner Voting Ends 5pm PT (AMPAS)

27th – 94th Academy Awards (AMPAS)


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