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2023/2024 Film Awards Calendar

The 2023/2024 awards calendar will be updated throughout the year as new dates for film’s biggest and best events, festivals, nominations and awards are announced.

After Everything Everywhere All At Once put the SXSW Film Festival on the map with the first ever Best Picture winner to come from the fest, it definitely has earned a place to keep our eyes on for the upcoming season, even if taking place right on top of last season’s Oscars probably doesn’t do it too many favors.

This year’s major film festivals will continue with Cannes May 16-27, then head to Venice from August 30 to September 9, Telluride from August 30 to September 4, Toronto from September 7-17, New York from September 29 to October 16 and AFI from October 25-29.

The Golden Globes came back but their late in the season return meant losing a valuable Sunday show to Critics’ Choice, who wasted no time in scooping it up. As a result, the 2023 Golden Globes were held on Tuesday, January 10 to an all-time low of 6.3M viewers. Despite having a show date announcement for next year (January 7, 2024) the beleaguered org is in limbo once again, with their efforts to increase diversity and triple their membership (they’re at about 300 now) being met by NBC with only a one year commitment. They are currently in the hunt for either another network or for NBC to return to the table. With a 10% drop in ratings from the 2021 edition of the show (there was no show in 2022) it’s going to be a tough call but their return seems imminent. Critics’ Choice will have staked January 14, 2024 for their 29th annual awards.

The SAG Awards lost their 25-year broadcast partner in TNT/TBS when Discovery’s buyout of Warner Bros (who owns TNT and TBS) meant ditching the awards show, leaving it in limbo as well. That is, until Netflix swooped in at the last minute to provide streaming for their show on their YouTube channel as a part of a long-term relationship that will see the streamer fully produce the live show and air it on Netflix beginning this season as The SAG Awards enters its 30th year. Dates to be announced.

Academy Awards nominations will be announced January 23 and the 96th Oscars will be held on March 10, 2024.

Color code:

  • Orange – Industry/Guild Nominations
  • Green – Industry/Guild Awards
  • Blue – Critics Awards Nominations
  • Magenta – Critics Awards
  • Teal – Film Festivals
  • Purple – Industry Events
  • Red – Voting Periods


16th-27th – Cannes Film Festival


11th-17th – Annecy International Animation Film Festival



30th to September 9th – Venice International Film Festival (VIFF)

31st to September 4th – Telluride Film Festival (TFF)


7th-17th – Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

29th to October 15th – New York Film Festival (NYFF)


5th-15th – Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF)

19th-22nd – Middleburg Film Festival (MFF)

21st-28th – Savannah Film Festival (SCAD)


18th – Governors Awards

27th – Gotham Awards


8th – British Academy of Film and Television Arts longlist voting begins (BAFTA)

14th – Oscar shortlist voting begins (AMPAS)

18th – Oscar shortlist voting ends (AMPAS)

21st – Oscar shortlists (AMPAS)

21st – Producers Guild of America nomination voting begins (PGA)


5th – AFI Honorees Gala (AFI)

5th – British Academy of Film and Television Arts longlists (BAFTA)

9th – Cinema Audio Society nominations (CAS)

7th – Golden Globe Awards (GG)

11th – Oscar nomination voting begins (AMPAS)

11th – Producers Guild of America nomination voting ends (PGA)

12th – Producers Guild of America nominations (PGA)

14th – Critics’ Choice Awards (CCA)

16th – Oscar nomination voting ends (AMPAS)

18th – British Academy of Film and Television Arts nominations (BAFTA)

18th-28th – Sundance Film Festival

22nd – Producers Guild of America winner voting begins (PGA)

23rd – Oscar nominations (AMPAS)


12th – Oscar nominees’ luncheon (AMPAS)

15th – Producers Guild of America winner voting ends (PGA)

18th – British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA)

22nd – Oscar winner voting begins (AMPAS)

23rd – Academy Scientific and Technical Awards (AMPAS)

24th – Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

25th – Film Independent Spirit Awards

25th – Producers Guild of America Awards (PGA)

27th – Oscar winner voting ends (AMPAS)


2nd – Cinema Audio Society Awards (CAS)

10th – 96th Oscars

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