Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

AwardsWatch’s 50 Favorite Performances of 2015

20. Geza Rohrig, Son of Saul

19. Jennifer Lawrence, Joy

18. Rose Byrne, Spy

17. Rinko Kikuchi, Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter

16. Ronit Elkabetz, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

15. Greta Gerwig, Mistress America

14. Mya Taylor, Tangerine

13. Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina

12. Jacob Tremblay, Room

11. Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria

1 thought on “AwardsWatch’s 50 Favorite Performances of 2015

  1. Hmmmmm. Your affiliation to your French colleagues(ICS) and GALECA shows – clearly – with your inclusion(prominently) of St Laurent , CAROL and COSM RME

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