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AwardsWatch’s Best Music of 2013 – Forums’ Poll Results

Awardswatch's Best Music of 2013

Last week we posted the best music of 2013 according to our staff and contributors. As promised, this week we are publishing the results of the poll conducted at our forums. This poll was open to all the registered members of the forums where they submitted their lists for top albums and songs.

The results are here. Listen (and discuss) away!


Top 10 Albums

 10.  Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

random access memories - daft punk

Perhaps the most talked about music artist and album of the year. A disco lovers wet-dream, a groovy tribute album which is not afraid to look at the past to craft the future.

Listen on Spotify.

9.  AM – Arctic Monkeys

am - arctic  monkeys

A break-up album and thus brooding and atmospheric which this time showcases a more rock-than-punk direction for the Monkeys but it is nevertheless gorgeous and hypnotic. Plus one can listen to Alex Turner’s melt-in-my-knees vocals all day and any time, right?

Listen on Spotify.

8. Matangi – M.I.A.

matangi - m.i.a.

M.I.A, after an arduous journey which included record delays and fights with the record companies,  still  managed to produce this avant-R&B and global-dance record which has one anthem after another.

Listen on Spotify.

7. The Bones of What You Believe – Chvrches

the bones of what you believe - chvrches

Debut by the Scottish synth-pop band which is not all beeps and beats but emotional and passionate too. Headed by Lauren Mayberry’s  strong vocals and attitude.

Listen on Spotify.

6. Shaking the Habitual – The Knife

the knife - shaking the habitual

A complex, sprawling album, coming  after 7 years by the semi-reclusive Swedish electro duo, is as experimental and cerebral as ever. Acquired taste for sure but once you are willing to take the first step then it is hard to deny the brilliance.

Listen on Spotify.

5. Reflektor – Arcade Fire

reflektor - arcade fire

This time, Arcade Fire with the help of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, came up with an ideal and miraculous combination of big-scale, dance music with baroque-indie sensibilities and their trademark quirk.

Listen on Spotify.

4. Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

modern vampires of the city - vampire weekend

The boys in this band went a bit more mainstream, more mature and serious. They grew up, while morphing out of their more zany earlier efforts with this ode to a  city and love.

Listen on Spotify.

3.  Night Time, My Time – Sky Ferreira

night time, my time - sky ferreira

Ferreira finally got a break and was able to release an LP after trying for quite a while. Raw, confessional and self-effacing and an incredibly catchy throwback to the punk-grunge genre.

Listen on Spotify.

2. Beyoncé – Beyoncé

beyonce - beyonce

The album that was no one expecting, which was dropped at end of the year by the time when everyone has already sign, sealed and delivered their ‘best-of’ lists. A confident and unique work which is not afraid to tackle topics like feminism and sexuality.  It was last but in no way the least (and perhaps even a career-best for Bey!)

Preview it on iTunes.


1. Yeezus – Kanye West

yeezus - kanye west

Among his, now-no-longer shocking controversies or dubious comments about race, politics or Taylor Swift, and joining the Kardashian clan and becoming a father (and almost a reality star himself), thank god West continued to work on what he does best: make uninhibited, dark, rich, multi-layered, original, electro-R&B  music.

Listen on Spotify.


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