Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Emmy Experts

The nominations for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards won’t be until July but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a pretty good idea of what’s getting in. New shows, old shows with new flare and former winners flailing are going to scramble for those noms and with the new rules in place for this year, even more will be eligible for them.

Our Emmy Experts are combing over the most likely shows and performances to get recognition this year but one thing is clear; Netflix could be the new HBO. Or, on its way to being anyway. Even though it only has House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, both are expected to make a huge dent in the nomination take-home, especially since it was announced that Orange would be submitted in Comedy and not have to compete against Cards (as it did at SAG). Robin Wright, getting her first Primetime Emmy nomination last year will easily get one again in 2014 and her powerhouse performance puts her high on the list of likely winners (provided she submits the right tape, of course). Kevin Spacey will undoubtedly repeat as well and supporting players like Molly Parker and Michael Kelly stand a good shot too.

2012 Drama Series winner Homeland suffered a blow last year by being a one-termer when Breaking Bad broke through and won the top award. With Damien Lewis (also a 2012 winner) barely appearing in the third season will he be bumped down to Supporting? Will Claire Danes be able to triumph again even if her show doesn’t? She’ll have stiff competition from Wright and also from 2011 Lead Actress winner Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife. The Good Wife, for a short time, was the last vestige of major network presence in the Drama Series category (its last nomination in that category was in 2011). It could come roaring back after its recent shocker of an episode, killing off a major leading character. Margulies, Christine Baranski (who’s been nominated in Supporting for TGW for the last four years), Archie Panjabi (2010 winner in Supporting) and Josh Charles (nominated once back in 2011) all stand solid chances at returning and bringing some Emmy glory to CBS.

And what will become of Mad Men? The former four-time Drama Series winner (tied for the most Series wins ever with Hill St. Blues, L.A. Law and The West Wing) went home empty-handed last year, a shocking 0-17, a new Emmy record. Will it still be a contender in the first half of its final season or will it miss out on a Drama Series nomination in favor of freshman series Masters of Sex or the aforementioned return of The Good Wife? Our experts say it’s coming back, all five of them, in fact.



Erik, Chris, Federico, Jonathan, Nicole, Peter

So what’s getting that sixth slot? Masters of Sex? Homeland? The Good Wife? For the rest of our predictions, check them out here and keep your ears open for an upcoming Emmy podcast!

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