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Here you’ll find all film awards related predictions.

2015 Oscars: BFCA+GG+SAG+BAFTA = No Oscar nom?

It’s that time of year! The time where we play ‘Who Will Be Snubbed at the Oscars Despite Hitting Every Precursor?’ It’s happening more and more and not just to first-timers or newbies but to established, Oscar-winning actors and actresses. Witness Tom Hank (Captain Phillips) and Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks) last year. Daniel Brühl (Rush) stumbled right at the …

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Golden Globe Winner Predictions from the Gold Rush Gang

If you’ve listened to today’s podcast then you might already know my Golden Globe winner predictions (and alternates), as well as fellow Gold Rush Gang members Peter and Matt M. Here are our predictions, in list form, along with a couple of other gang members, David and Alexander. It seems there is quite a bit of alignment in the winner …

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2015 Oscars: The Best Actor Buffet

With just over a week to go until the 87th Academy Awards Oscar nominations come out, Best Actor has become the most volatile category of the season. While many categories fill pretty solid with four semi-locked candidates and the question of the 5th, Best Actor has no less than nine legitimate contenders, in my estimation of order of likelihood, with …

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2015 Oscars: Are You a Hat or a Shoe? The Race for the 5th Spot

It seems like it happens almost every year; the main precursors announce their nominations in the acting categories and we can see the future of the Academy Awards. Or do we? New frontrunners emerge or existing ones maintain or build on their buzz, hype and lead. Our picture of the final five becomes clearer but in almost every category remains …

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2015 Oscars Poll: Which Five Foreign Language Film Finalists Will Be Oscar Nominated?

The finalists for the Foreign Language Film Oscar are in and not without some surprising inclusions (the Golden Globe-nominated Tangerines from Estonia) and some shocking snubs (Canada’s Mommy, Belgium’s Two Days, One Night and Turkey’s Winter Sleep). Film: Wild Tales, ARGENTINA Oscar History: 6 nominations with 2 wins. The only Latin American winning country. First time by director Damien Szifron. Since …

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