Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Get Erik to Telluride!

Film festivals aren’t cheap. They especially aren’t if you are a self-funded effort and don’t rely on a well-known outlet to pay for your travel costs. I started AwardsWatch  in 2013 as a passion project but it’s transformed into a real job that I love. Unfortunately, the revenue-generating elements of that can be few and far between.

Attending film festivals – I’ve been lucky to go to Cannes, AFI and Toronto in the past – is the best way for me to bring content to my readers and followers, content they want and that I want to give them. Going to Telluride has been a goal of mine and going this year as accredited press is a dream. But it does come at a cost.

Because AwardsWatch is my focus day to day, all day, it’s impacted my family quite a bit and at times has even caused undue burden. I am hoping that I am part of a community that can help me finalize travel plans so that I may attend Telluride and give AW readers the content they deserve. 

I am shooting for a goal of $1000 to cover travel costs. If this goal is met and passed, any extra will be used to cover server costs (also not cheap!) as AwardsWatch increases in visibility and to ensure that viewability is accessible fast and immediately. 

Here is the link to my GoFundMe. I thank you for your help and support from the bottom of my heart.


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