Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

‘It Listens From the Radio’ to debut new season with Harvey Guillén, Michael Varrati, Lauren Holt and more

The new season will premiere on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcasts October 2, 2020

The Lonely Spectre Productions horror anthology It Listens from the Radio, created by Brendan Haley, returns for a second season of thrills and chills just in time for Halloween. The retro-inspired radio drama features a slew of new cast members and guest writers, including Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows), Michael Varrati (The Boulet Brothers Dragula), Jamie Holt (The Filth), BJ Colangelo (Deathcember), Adam Huss (Power), Zack Ogle (We Got A Monkey’s Paw), and Addison Peacock (The NoSleep Podcast). The series is produced by Brendan Haley (EastSiders), and co-producer/mixer Dru Phillips (Dead For Filth), with original theme music by Matt Reilly (Avril Lavigne), and poster designs by HaleyDoodles.

Synopsis: It Listens from the Radio, Season 2 continues the adventures of the sinister Radio Entity on a 1950s cross-country road trip of terrors as it attempts to kickstart the apocalypse. Along the way, the entity will encounter a famed slasher in a mid-life crisis, a drive-in under siege by the hoards of All Hallows’ Eve, a high school prom fit for witches, and even evil kitchenware!

It Listen from the Radio season two stars BRENDAN HALEY (EastSiders), HARVEY GUILLÉN (What We Do In The Shadows), LAUREN HOLT (Saturday Night Live), VERTON BANKS (Dollface), ALEX MCKENNA (Red Dead Redemption II), MATTHEW SCOTT MONTGOMERY (Disney’s So Random!), FAYNA SANCHEZ (Dollface), ADAM HUSS (Power), GREGORY BLAIR (Escape the Night), CHARLES CHUDABALA (The Gallows: Act II), BEN BAUR (Hunting Season), MISS X (Vegas In Space), MICHAEL VARRATI (The Boulet Brothers Dragula), KALE HILLS (Scare Package), SEAN KELLER (All That We Destroy), SEAN DOHERTY (Unusual Attachment), DANNY PLOTNER (Euphoria), ELENA DOLE (Four Weddings And A Funeral), BJ COLANGELO (Deathcember), ADAM BUCCI (EastSiders), EK DAGENFIELD (Buffy Kills Edward), JEN LOSI (Ori and the Will of the Wisps), SARAH NICKLIN (The Office Is Mine), WES ALLEN (Powerbomb), CASH ALLEN (Powerbomb), MATTHEW BRIDGES (American Horror Story), ZACK OGLE (We Got A Monkey’s Paw), ELISSA WAGNER (Are You Still Here?), DAN FOSTER (Fallout New Vegas: Brave New World), LOGAN ALLISON (Is This A Date), IAN WATSON (BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories), TERRY MESNARD (Gayly Dreadful), BREE WERNICKE (The Supernatural Enthusiasts Club), CHAD WESTBROOK (Slick), ALANA JORDAN (The Newcomer), ADDISON PEACOCK (The NoSleep Podcast), and MARY REGALADO (It Listens from the Radio).

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