Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

13 thoughts on “‘Joy’ Screens: It’s a Major Oscar Player

  1. Yes, bragging rights, here we go! I predicted JOY was going to win Best Picture/ Best Director and Best Actress since the teaser trailer came out. From the first reactions, I can tell I was right. David O Russell and Jennifer Lawrence did it again! Now I really can’t wait…

      1. Cate Blanchett already has two oscars and won one recently in 2014, so she is not going to win imo. This is going to be the first nomination for Brie Larson and honestly I don’t think she is going to win, also Room is a lot lower than JOY and Carol in the predictions of critics who saw the movies. When JOY comes out, I predict Jennifer Lawrence will be the frontrunner and favorite to win.

          1. Maybe because her movie JOY isn’t out yet? How can those predictions be accurate if nobody has seen the film? By the way, other sites like awards daily or awards watch have Jennifer Lawrence in first place, only based on the trailer…so if the first screenings of Joy were an indication, I predict a 2nd Oscar win for Jennifer Lawrence.

        1. So, what if it’s the first nomination for Brie? You sound like those JLaw fans who said that Lupita Nyong’o couldn’t win in 2013, because she was “nobody”.

  2. Very nice article about “JOY”.

    It’s very highly probable that “Joy” will be a very strong FILM AWARDS contender, 2015/2016 all season long !

    And please don’t forget –

    1., Fox 2000 hasn’t even dropped a full 2nd trailer yet.

    2., Fox 2000 hasn’t even started with any “Campaignings” yet ….so far.

    3., Fox 2000 hasn’t even started their “Marketing” like sending
    “Screeners” or “Kissing Pundits neither Kissing Babies nor Kissing

    4., Fox 2000 hasn’t even started to think or to make financial calculations about Advertising

    “FOR YOUR CONSIDERATON” in all print or Online magazines, not yet, not yet !!!

    5., Fox 2000 for now only sits & waits !!!

  3. I’m a fan and truly believe that this will be DOR’s year. I love Three Kings and Silver Linings Playbook the most. Joy might be the film to break the supposed curse. The trailer was incredibly intriguing. He is in it to win it.

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