Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Kenneth Branagh’s ‘All Is True’ gets a trailer

After a surprise announcement last month, Kenneth Branagh’s secret Shakespeare film All Is True has a trailer and it’s quite good. 

Portraying an aging Shakespeare, Branagh’s assembles a stellar cast that includes Academy Award winner Judi Dench and Academy Award nominee Ian McKellen. 

The film begins with a fire destroying the Globe Theatre in the middle of the opening night of his play Henry VIII, which then was titled All Is True. He never wrote another, and the film is based on fact and conjecture about his final years as he returns to his family life that involved an illiterate wife (Dench, who won her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love playing Queen Elizabeth I).

For the film, Branagh and director of photography Zac Nicholson employed a the approach Stanley Kubrick used for 1975’s Barry Lyndon of shooting only in natural or candlelight, which is on clear display in this first trailer.

Sony Pictures Classics will release All Is True in select theaters on December 21st. 

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