Sun. May 31st, 2020

MADONNA WEEK: Her Top 12 Videos, Ranked

1. Bad Girl (David Fincher, 1993)
Madonna’s most cinematic video and the last of her four videos directed by the brilliant David Fincher just before his film career took off. It features Madonna as a high-powered executive living off of a string of one-night stands and hating herself for it. Shot in widescreen (when so few music videos were at the time), the cinematography is a hazy, dreamy look at the morality and consequence of behavior. Christopher Walken, playing both a guardian angel and her director in this meta-filled video, is really superb. It’s her best performance in a music video, by far, and feels like you’ve watched an entire film unfold before your eyes. With David Fincher able to always get such a good performance out of the star it’s too bad they never worked together on a feature film.

Ok, ok now it’s your turn to tell me what you think of the list? What did I leave off? What should I have left off? Go ahead, my body is ready.

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