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Mid-Season Emmy Predictions 2014 – Part II: Comedy

Adam Driver in Girls
Adam Driver in Girls

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
1. Ty Burrell, Modern Family
2. Tony Hale, Veep
3. Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
4. Adam Driver, Girls
5. Jesse Tyler Furgeson, Modern Family
6. Timothy Simons, Veep

7. Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
8. Ed O’Neil, Modern Family
9. SNL actor
10. Looking actor

Eric Stonestreet’s nomination snub and Tony Hale’s win last season seem to point towards a potentially bright future where this category *isn’t* dominated by Modern Family actors, and I’m very tempted to drop yet another actor from that series as it continues to age. For the foreseeable future though Burrell should still be locked, and Furgeson seems to have a fanbase that keeps him coming back, so for now I’ll predict that it’s O’Neill (who wasn’t even nominated in the first season) who gets dropped. Hale should be back easily, and considering how much Emmy love he’s received in the past Braugher should be a locked for his gloriously deadpan work even if Brooklyn Nine-Nine underperforms. After that Driver looks like a safe bet to return as long as Girls doesn’t go off the rails, and I’m cautiously betting on Veep strengthening its hold on the acting categories with a nomination for fan favorite Timothy Simmons. Other potential spoilers: an SNL actor (though no one seems as beloved as Hader was) and a Looking actor if that show breaks through.

Allison Janney in Mom
Allison Janney in Mom

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
1. Julie Bowen, Modern Family
2. Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
3. Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
4. Anna Chlumsky, Veep
5. Alison Janney, Mom
6. Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie

7. Zosia Mamet, Girls
8. Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live
9. Margo Martindale, The Millers
10. Alison Williams, Girls

The only category with six returning nominees (there seven nominees last season, with Krakowski leaving) is also the most competitive. Though I’m predicting a weakening of Modern Family in the Supporting Actor category, Bowen and Vergara will probably hold on here for at least one more season. Bialik and Chlumsky should also easily be nominated once again on the strength of their shows. Janney is an Emmy favorite and has received consistent praise for Mom, so she seems like an easy nominee. And though I’m going with last season’s winner Wever, much like Daniels in Actor-Drama she seems like the kind of surprise winner that can easily fall out. Those that could spoil: Mamet or Williams for Girls (depending on who has a stronger season, but I’d favor Mamet), recent Emmy winner Martindale for The Millers, and McKinnon for SNL, who appears to be one of the current bright spots on that show.

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