Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

The 8th Annual AwardsWatch Gold Rush Contest

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With the awards season nearly upon us, it’s time to kick off yet another installment of the AwardsWatch Gold Rush!

For those unfamiliar with Gold Rush, it consists of 29 competitions staggered throughout the awards season, in which AW’s finest will put their powers of prediction to the test. Should you choose to participate, you will be asked to predict the winners and/or nominees for several different awards bodies throughout the season. Based on your predictions, you will receive a score for each “event.”

While winning individual events is part of the goal, the larger picture is also important here. Each event score will be included in your overall running total – complete with regular rankings updates and whatnot. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest overall score wins.

Remember, it’s this contest that helps decide who ends up in the yearly Gold Rush Gang, AwardsWatch’s group of 10 experts who help shape and predict the Oscar race!

Can you contend for the top spot?

Whether you want to maintain your bragging rights (read: rankings are often used as receipts, as needed) or prove that you’re not actually useless, I hope you’ll join us again this year. New faces are always welcome, as well! Just follow this link to our forums to begin. If you aren’t signed up for the forums yet, it’s easy!

Contest Schedule:

11/30 – Early Oscar Nominations

12/01 – NBR Winners
12/02 – NYFCC Winners
12/06 – LAFCA Winners
12/09 – SAG Nominations
12/10 – Golden Globe Nominations
12/14 – BFCA Nominations

01/02 – NSFC Winners *TBD*
01/04 – ACE Nominations
01/05 – ADG Nominations
01/05 – PGA Nominations
01/06 – ASC Nominations
01/06 – WGA Nominations
01/08 – BAFTA Nominations
01/10 – Golden Globe Winners
01/12 – CAS Nominations
01/12 – DGA Nominations
01/14 – Oscar Nominations
01/17 – BFCA Winners
01/23 – PGA Winner
01/24 – SAG Winners
01/29 – ACE Winners
01/31 – ADG Winners

02/06 – DGA Winners
02/13 – WGA Winners
02/14 – ASC Winner
02/14 – BAFTA Winners
02/20 – CAS Winners
02/28 – Oscar Winners

Standard Contest Rules:

Entries MUST obey the following format:

Actor/Actress/S. Actor/S. Actress/Director: [First Name] [Last Name], [Movie]. Ex.: David O. Russell, Joy

Song: [Song Title], [Movie]. Ex.: See You Again, Furious 7

Picture/Writing/Cinematography and Other Categories: [Name of the Movie]. Ex.: Joy

* Please only list ONE film for each entry. Even if said person wins for more than one film, you will receive full credit as long as your predicted film is part of the awarded combo. For acting categories, you must include the name of the actor AND film.

Failure to follow these simple instructions will result in a 0 for the given category. They will be also be included at the beginning of each contest for your convenience.

Once again, here’s the link to the contest.

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