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The Emmy Experts

Emmy Experts

Like the Gold Rush Gang for the Oscars, this group of Awardwatch’s television crème de la crème is here to give you the best in Emmy predictions and commentary. Keep an eye on the Podcasts and Predictions pages to get the latest updates from these masters of all things Emmy.

erik-andersonERIK ANDERSON
Erik’s fascination with the Emmys began in television’s heyday of epic miniseries’ of the late 70s and 80s. Roots, The Winds of War and obviously Lace (“Which one of you bitches is my mother?!”) led him down the path of awards obsession. He is a member of the International Cinephile Society, GALECA (Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association) and co-founder/co-editor of AwardsWatch. (erikdean in the forums)

FedericoArtico150FEDERICO ARTICO
Federico lives in a little town in Italy, near Venice; He’s 21 years old and works in a winery. He always has been interested in all kinds of awards, mainly because he enjoy all the craziness around them. (Fred in the forums)



JonathanBoehle150JONATHAN BOEHLE
Jonathan started AwardsWatching at the age of 8, when he watched his first Oscar telecast and saw his uninformed prediction of Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture go up in flames. However, he enjoyed the thrill of predicting so much he started following the entire Oscar race, and has since then also started following the Emmys, which he has watched since 2001 when he nailed The West Wing winning Drama Series (his prediction of Malcolm in the Middle winning Comedy Series was less successful). (Jonathan in the forums)

Chris is a 20 year old history student from England. Even though he has only been a member of Awardswatch since 2013, his interest in awards-watching began in 2008, with the race between No County for Old Men and There Will Be Blood not only being what introduced him to the idea of oscar-watching but was also what sparked his interest in classic film in general. His interest in television began even earlier than that, becoming instantly hooked on HBO shows like The Wire and The Sopranos. He is now an avid cinephile and television viewer however still loves analyzing film and television within the context of awards season. (chrispepper in the forums)

NicoleLatayan150NICOLE LATAYAN
Nicole is a 23 year old writer slash blogger that hails all the way from Manila, the Philippines. His love for pop culture mostly focuses on awards prognostication, and while he thinks it’s not the sole basis of greatness and quality, he enjoys the forecasting aspect of it. His favorite awards show moment of all time would have to be “Falling Slowly” winning the Best Original Song at the 80th Oscars. He has been following the Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy races since 2002, and will continue to do so in the next decades to come. (klariso in the forums)

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