Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

The trailer for Spike Lee’s new film ‘BlacKkKlansman’ is here

Adam Driver and John David Washington in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman

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BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee’s newest film, which was co-produced by the powerhouse duo behind the Oscar-winning Get Out (Jordan Peele and Jason Blum), premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last night (here’s my review) and dropped its first trailer at the same time.

Chronicling the true story of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), the first black officer in the Colorado Springs police department (“There’s never been a black cop in this city,” he’s told. “We think you might be the man to open things up around here,”) the trailer unfolds one of the wildest undercover stings imaginable as Stallworth and his partner Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver) set out to infiltrate the KKK that takes them all the way to the top, to Grand Wizard David Duke (Topher Grace).

The movie hits theaters August 10th but here is the first trailer.

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