Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season 2 Episode Three – “Hunting”

Now, this is what I’m talking about! After a week that was seemingly dedicated to laying out plot points and steering each character’s individual narrative in various directions, tonight’s episode was full of the sanctimonious debauchery that we all love about the show. This episode had everything from Logan going off the deep end to Shiv cheating on Tom (yet again). With that in mind, here are the top 5 takeaways from tonight’s episode.

5. No one is willing to tell Logan the truth

They are in the fight of their lives and it seems Logan’s answer to this is acquiring another news organization (Pierce). His theory is that if the company is too big then Stewey and his group can’t acquire the company. Everyone thinks this is nuts yet no one has the guts to tell the old man.

4. Rats are everywhere!

Logan seemingly understands that there’s no one he can trust in his management team. The closest thing he has to a confidant is Kendall who is the man who originally put this takeover in motion last season. Waystar goes on a management retreat to strategize and some pretty interesting events go down in Hungry.

3. The Band Is Back Together … I guess

Frank has returned to the firm and immediately questions why he agreed to do it in the first place. Kendall is still seemingly in Logan’s good graces. Roman desperately wants to be in that position and attempts to broker the deal with Pierce and ends up being accused of being a “leak” by Kendall and his father. He’s immediately destroyed in front of the hold management team. I still stand by what I’ve said already, Roman might end up joining this takeover bid when it’s all said and done.

2. Tom is going to lose it

Tom is trying so hard to fit into this corporate world and he just doesn’t. He has no talent. for it because quite frankly he’s normal (not like these other Roy family members). The pressure is starting to change him (on top of the idea that his wife is having relations with other men). When the blowup happens, it should be interesting to say the least. .

1. How is Kendall still Logan’s right hand guy?

I don’t get it. How is Logan still going to Kendall over many of the other children? Is it his business sense? I’m not exactly sure but it will be very telling if this continues once Shiv enters the picture.

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