Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Five – “Tern Haven”

Tonight’s episode of Succession was like watching an episode of Jerry Springer. Logan would have been the first guest on the show who is suppose to be “normal” but in reality, is just head of a twisted and sordid family. We had shouting, boozing, drugs, and even someone realizing they defecated in the bed. Perhaps my favorite episode of Season Two (so far). So with that in mind, here are five takeaways from tonights episode.

5. The fracturing continues between Tom and Shiv

The deeper that Shiv gets into the idea of being the new head of Waystar, the more contentious her relationship with Tom becomes. If given the choice between ascending to this new role of keeping her relationship with her husband, I half wonder if she wouldn’t walk away from the marriage. That being said, it seems that they are setting up Tom to end this relationship at some point.

4. Everyone has a role

The acquisition of PGN hinges on the Pierce family and Roy family spending some time together. On one side you have the money drive Roy family and on the other, you have the open-minded Pierce clan (gee … I wonder how this is going to go). Logan gave them marching orders (as to who in the pierce clan to shmooze) of course this goes wrong rather quickly. The dinner scene might be one of the top two moments in the series so far (let’s just say everyone now knows about Shiv).

3. Logan is concerned about legacy

Logan seems to most concerned about this takeover because of what it might do to his legacy. His career has been filled with Alpha dog moments and if he loses his company, those memories are tarnished. Acquiring PGN serves two purposes. It protects Waystar from a takeover bid and allows him to have another moment in the sun. I wonder if his ego is going to get in the way of making good on his promise to Shiv?

2. More of this, please!

Holly Hunter and Cherry Jones are just perfect additions to the Succession cast. Seeing Jones as the head of the Pierce family go toe to toe with Logan was so delicious. We need more of these two (lucky for us .. it’s coming).

1. Jerry and Roman?

There’s a scene between trusted Roy family friend Jerry and Roman which gave me pause. Could Jerry and Roman have some sort of kinky connection? It sound crazy but on this show, anything goes.

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