Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Four – “Safe Room”

Let me begin by apologizing for the delay. As many of you are aware, Florida (where I am based) is currently dealing with the threat of hurricane Dorian, and I had to make preparations for the storm. While I’m aware that sort of excuse wouldn’t fly with Logan Roy, I am lucky that Erik is nothing like that fictitious character (lol). Okay, enough about that, let’s get to our five takeaways from Sunday night’s very telling episode of ‘Succession.’

5. Kendall knows why Shiv is “Observing” and she realizes just how bad off her brother is

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Kendall isn’t stupid and fully understands why Shiv is just observing for the day. However, Shiv didn’t fully grasp just how far his brother has fallen. What starts as a tad bit confrontational ends up being quite a tender exchange between the two.

4. The trainwreck rolls on!

Justine Lupe, Alan Ruck
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

The Connor Roy trainwreck tour made a pitstop on Sunday at a funeral for a friend of the family in which he delivered the worst eulogy I’ve ever seen. If his whole purpose this season is to be the comedic foil amongst all of this drama then I’ll be very pleased.

3. Roman is learning the price of a gallon of milk in management training

Kieran Culkin, Zach Cherry
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Could we get a spinoff in which Roman has to work odd jobs and mix with as he would “normals”? I did find it fascinating that the episode placed the spotlight on just how socially awkward he is (ex. the scene on the phone with his girlfriend). I wonder if we are going to have sort of revelation about him down the road?

2. More scenes with these two, please!

Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Tom is just so awful at being an executive, but that is enhanced when his executive assistant is with him.

1. Shiv wants to believe that she’s in line to take over Waystar but has her doubts

Sarah Snook
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Would you trust your father if he was Logan Roy? Could he just be making promises left and right in hopes of bringing the family into the everyday operations of the firm? Shiv desperately wants to believe that her father is telling the truth, but with all of these secrets, she’s starting to have her doubts.


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