Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Nine – “D.C.”

The walls are beginning to close in on Logan Roy and with the prospects of a congressional hearing on the horizon (in regards to that scandal involving cruises), this might be it for the Roy’s controlling Waystar. Here are my five takeaways from tonight’s episode.

5. Logan realizes there’s only one way out.

Logan realizes that if they survive the hearing and the takeover bid, someone is going to have to be sacrificed. Could it be a distant family member or someone from the inner circle? I think the writers definitely want the viewers thinking it could be Shiv but that would make little sense. My money is on someone else.

4. Tom will likely be the one who is sacrificed

Tom was so dreadful as a witness, that he’s no put himself in the spotlight of this ever-evolving scandal. His actions in burning those documents will end up being is undoing. My guess is that his trusty assistant isn’t that trustworthy.

3. But what if it were his Eldest Son?

It certainly makes a statement to the world if somehow Kendall ended up taking the fall for this scandal. He is a liability and while he certainly has stepped up, I could see a narrative being developed that somehow his lack of self-control was tied to the action on these cruise lines.

2. She’s Out!

Rhea realizes just how dysfunctional the Roy’s are and steps back from her involvement in Waystar (much to Logan’s dismay). I guess there are lines that she won’t even cross.

1. Even if Waystar remains in Logan’s hands, I wonder for how long

It seems the stress of this whole ordeal has taken its toll. I wonder what lasting impact it will have on Logan’s health.

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