Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Seven – “Return”

Now that the Pierce deal is dead, the Roys are left scrambling to save their company at any cost. Logan and the family spend most of their time this episode in the United Kingdom in search of a very important shareholders vote. With that in mind, here are the top 5 takeaways from last nights episode.

5. This is the face of someone who just screwed out of being CEO

Sarah Snook
photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Rhea (Holly Hunter) sets up Shiv in the most obvious of ways and she fell for it. It’s now apparent that she won’t become CEO of Waystar and that the former Pierce CEO has her eyes on the top prize.

4. Tom Thinks He Got All Of Those Cruise Documents But … He’s Missing A Few

Matthew Macfadyen, Nicholas Braun
photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Tom thinks he’s solved his Waystar cruise issues but he would be very wrong. In the midst of buring those papers, that crafty cousin managed to snag a few. I wonder if he is going to flip on everyone?

3. Negotiating With Mommy Dearest

Kieran Culkin, Harriet Walter, Sarah Snook
photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

The funniest moment of the episode came during this sequence where Roman and Shiv were essentially negotiating for their mother’s vote at the shareholders meeting. They got what they needed to help their father, and she ended up Christmas in return.

2. Logan and Rhea?

Brian Cox
photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Logan made it known that she likes Rhea for a variety of reasons. I’m sure she knows this and will use it to work her way up to the top of his wish list for CEO.

1. Am I Crazy Or Does Kendall’s Story End In Tragedy?

Jeremy Strong
photo: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Kendall tried to open up to his mother and she completely blew him off. The events of last season are eating at him and leading him down a dark path that might ultimately end badly.


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