Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Watchmen’ Season One Episode Four and Five

My apologies to those who have grown accustomed to seeing this recap on Where did we sneak off to last week? Perhaps we were in an interdimensional portal with Adrian Veidt. Regardless of whether we stepping through space or time, it’s nice to get caught up with one of the best shows on television, Watchmen. With that in mind, here are 5 takeaways from episode four and five.

5. I present to you the puppet master …


Her name is Lady Trieu but she might as well be known by who she really is the puppetmaster. We see fairly early on in episode four that she’s connected to these events and somehow they are connected to Angela’s newly discovered grandfather as well. Are these two in contact somehow with Dr. Manhattan?

4. This will not end well .


It seems Laurie Blake is now the acting chief of police. The daughter of Silk Spectre and The Comedian is suspicious of Angela (for whatever reason) and this will not end well for either of them.

3. I’m not sure where this is headed.


I’m not sure where Adrian Veidt’s storyline is headed but I want more of it? I’m not sure he’s the villain anymore, but then again who knows with this show.

2. We take a gander into the Looking Glass.


In Episode 5, we finally get some insight into why Looking Glass is so crazy. Tim Blake Nelson is a wonderful compliment to Regina King and I truly can’t imagine this series without those two. We find out that Looking Glass was at ground zero when the doomsday clock hit zero and killed 1/2 of New York City. However, his world is rocked in episode 5 and he doesn’t know what’s real anymore.

1. This will be the moment people will be talking about on Monday.


Did Looking glass do the right thing?

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