Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Watchmen’ Season One Episode One – “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice”

Surprise! AwardsWatch is happy to announce that we will be bringing you recaps and looks at HBO’s latest series Watchmen. I can say without hesitation that these episodes are closely guarded (I do think HBO might have some of the Watchmen actually watching me) so we do have to follow a few simple rules when going over these each week. For starters, we aren’t going to get into the big spoilers. Part of what makes watching these types of series so enjoyable is that you get to experience them in the moment. Secondly, these won’t be showing up on AwardsWatch till very close or right at the start of each week’s episode. Is that cool? Okay, times ticking away so here we go with our five takeaways from tonight’s episode of Watchmen.

5. ‘Watchmen’ will be HBO’s new breakout hit

Damon Lindelof had a hand in writing the pilot (you may remember from a little show called Lost) and the first episode is fantastic. He’s also the executive producer and his team has an amazing track record. If the first episode is any indication, we are looking at HBO’s next breakout hit.

4. Regina King is the perfect person to play the lead in ‘Watchmen’


Regina King was a phenomenal choice to play detective Angela Abar. The Emmy and Oscar-winning actress can straddle that line between being wife/mother and a hardened masked vigilante cop. Why the masks, well the show takes place 30 years after the film version in alternate America where cops are forced to wear masks to protect themselves from a terrorist group.

3. There’s nothing predictable about this show


Just when it seems that you’ve got the beat of this show figured out, they seem to hit with a zinger. Don’t try and predict the direction of the show. This is not an exact retelling of the graphic novel. This show is inspired by the novel.

2. One of the best opening sequences that I’ve seen in a pilot in quite some time and I’m not the least surprised


This pilot was written by the guy who gave us Lost so I wasn’t surprised by how good the first 10 minutes (and the whole first episode for that matter) are. It’s tough to stomach, so consider yourself warned.

1. Consider rethinking who your friends with

Angela has already been shot once before and I can’t help but wonder if she’s a tragic hero by the time this series reaches the finale. There’s has to be rogue members of the police force, I just don’t know who yet.

Watchmen has all the signs of a show that’s set to capture the nation’s attention. We are just lucky enough to enjoy the ride. Until next week!

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