Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Watchmen’ Season One Episode Two – “Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship”

Watchmen began it’s highly anticipated first season last week with much buzz heading into the first episode. The first episode certainly didn’t disappoint and neither did tonights. While the first episode laid the groundwork for this universe, the second episode served as a bridge into what’s to come this season. With that in mind, here are four takeaways from tonight’s second episode.

4. Everything is not as it seems


Following the shocking death of chief Judd (Don Johnson), detective Angela Abar (Regina King) has begun digging into his past (at the behest of a mysterious figure played by Louis Gossett Jr.) and she finds a shocking piece of evidence. How will this impact Abar’s action going into the rest of the season?

3. Could Judd’s death be part of a larger plan?

Could Judd’s death be more about destabilizing the current order or was it done to send a message to the calvary? I tend to think the former because if it were the calvary, they would have claimed responsibility already.

2. What role will Jeremy Irons play in this narrative?

Irons’s part is still relatively mysterious and I’m not exactly sure how much of a role he will play in this narrative.

1. Who is on her side?

After the shocking revelations about Judd’s past, Angela has to begin to wonder who else is hiding their racism? She also has to wonder why this man in the wheelchair is so hell-bent on trying to help her.

What were your thoughts after episode 2?

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