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2014 EMMYS: Final Winner Predictions RANKED feat. The Good Wife, Breaking Bad, Veep, The Normal Heart and Sherlock


The buzz for Orange is the New Black‘s first season was so strong and with its 2nd season available during the voting period and no signs of a sophomore slump there, we think that is will unseat 4-time champ Modern Family. It will still be a close call, no doubt but we think that Modern Family joining Fraiser as the most-winning Comedy Series of all time is not going to happen in a year in which MF‘s nomination total took a hit. Veep is probably the next best thing but, like the Drama Series battle, this is really only about two shows.


A bit of dissension here with three shows finding votes from our experts. When it originally aired, the “So Did the Fat Lady” episode for Louie felt like the winner. It was hugely buzzed and created a national conversation, for a while. Then Sarah Baker was snubbed for what seemed like an easy nomination and this became shaky, as a winner, but Federico is still championing it. Veep finally showing up in this category and its submission is strong enough to get Nicole’s support. But the majority finds that Orange is the New Black‘s pilot episode will win over voters here.


Don’t be fooled by the 6/6 votes for the Jodie Foster-directed episode “Lesbian Request Denied” from Orange is the New Black. Modern Family, like in Comedy Series, has won this four years running. It’s a powerhouse here and its submission is one of its best ever. It’s why we all have it in 2nd place, an upset won’t be surprising at all. Still, we think that Orange will triumph on its way to a Series win and this is a category that favors star directors (David Fincher and Martin Scorsese have recently won in Drama) and we give Foster the edge.


We’re at  3/3 split in this category and boy, will it be a squeaker. Will Jim Parsons nab his 4th win here? The Big Bang Theory is the country’s most popular television show and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s also nominated for Supporting Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries (The Normal Heart) but isn’t favored there. Or will the recent contract negotiations spoil his trip to the stage? Ricky Gervais was a surprise nominee here (or was he?) for his Netflix show Derek and his submission is a cloying, creepy bit of awfulness…perfect for Emmy voters. He’s also a previous winner in this category with 21 personal nominations in an astonishing 11 categories (he has two wins total). That is a serious threat, period.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus will win this category until the run of Veep is over. Poehler has a great submission and this is probably Schilling’s only chance in this category (she’s sidelined in season 2) but neither has enough to topple the reigning queen.


While most of us have Hale as a returning winner here (with an aced submission), Jonathan and Erik are going with Emmy favorite Andre Braugher, despite a mixed submission and his show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, being snubbed everywhere else. It’s a risky choice and Jesse Tyler Ferguson is poised to upset in this category.


Another tough battle with 5-time Emmy winner Allison Janney (Mom) favored over Orange‘s Kate Mulgrew. Submission-wise, Janney’s tape is better. It’s clearer, more traditional comedy and good screentime. Mulgrew, despite her submission being her backstory, still has to contend with being in an hour-long show with a large ensemble and a drama-leaning performance. Julie Bowen’s flubbed submission should put her out of the running but watch out for Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon to possibly upset. Her impressions were the buzz of SNL‘s last season and her episode submission (“Host: Anna Kendrick”) is solid.

Next Up: TV Movie/Miniseries

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