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2 thoughts on “2014 Independent Spirit Award Nomination Predictions (Updated 11/24 9:08pm PST)

  1. And now that the nominations are out, you were wrong in several categories. I had to laugh when I saw you include Kristen Stewart in the best supporting actress category. She won’t get any nominations this year. Her buzz is all hype, which is why she pays a full time PR rep.

    But in reality, she was merely adequate, not outstanding in that role. Sony is desperate to stir up some excitement for something else about the film, which is just a showcase for Julianne Moore, who is outstanding. It’s sad they they are trying to coattail Stewart on Moore’s great work. But Stewart’s team is desperate to polish her tarnished image, so they’ll do whatever they can, no matter how ridiculous it makes her look.

    Don’t bother to put her on lists for the Golden Globes or Oscars, cause that’s not going to happen either, and she’s bringing your average down.

  2. Yes, and the Indie Spirit nominations are always the most difficult to predict because eligibility is obscured until after the fact. That said, everyone made as strong predictions as they could with the limited available information, some of which changed at the 11th hour.

    Your weird rant against Stewart is bizarre as it’s the only thing you single out so maybe the “hype” is equally created by those who don’t think her buzz is real. Guess we’ll just have to see.

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