Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

2015 Oscar Poll: Who Will Win the Producers Guild Award (PGA)?


This Saturday, January 24th, the Producers Guild of America will announce the winner of its 2015 award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures, aka the PGA Best Picture. Seven of the eight films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar are in the running (Selma is not nominated here), plus Oscar-snubees FoxcatcherGone Girl and Nightcrawler. What will the producers go for, and what will it tell us about the Best Picture race at the Oscars? Boyhood still looks like the red hot favorite, but with American Sniper‘s late surge and record-breaking box-office, can the PGA give a first indication that the race may be swaying very late in the game? Or will they throw us a completely unexpected curveball?

Who do YOU think the guild will go for? BoyhoodAmerican Sniper? Or will Harvey Weinstein have a final trick up his sleeve for his last remaining pony, The Imitation Game? Take your pick in our poll and tell us what you predict.

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