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5 thoughts on “2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (April)

    1. Yes, we’re sure. IMDB is often very late to add a full cast list. For example, they don’t have a full cast list for Moonlight yet, still excluding Naomie Harris, who is most definitely in the film.

      1. except the only citation I can find on the internet is that Ben Kingsley said in August 2015 to the Toronto Sun that he’s filming something “about the Afghan war” which they assume is War Machine.

        So needless to say, unless you can link me to a better source on that, you’re probably wrong. Like y’all were about JOY.

          1. wanker? check your sources. one of those is a starting point of my own research which I already questioned and the second is unsubstantiated. but okay.

            The wikipedia page is where you find the citation to the Toronto Sun story from last year.

            The movienewsguide includes Kingsley in the cast without a citation.

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