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6 thoughts on “2017 Oscars: Best Actress Just Became the Category of the Year

  1. If I watch Girl on the Train and these other films and Emily still sears in my mind (which she always does), but does not get nominated there will be hell to pay come time she does Mary Poppins.

    1. Emily Blunt, for whatever reason, hasn’t clicked with the Academy. She’s more of a Golden Globes thing. She could still land a nom there.

      1. I can see that. Not very many people spark my interest (acting wise) the first time I see them to where I want to follow their career, but seeing Emily in “Devil Wears Prada” sealed the deal. I was sad she didn’t get a nom that year, and not that the other nominees were not good, but there was one I would have replaced with her. Also, her performance in “The Young Victoria” was so opposite of what she did in “Prada” or really anything I’ve seen her in, that I was sure she would get one. And no. Side note: Denis Villenuvue cast her in “Sicario” because of her performance in “Victoria”.

        Idk, I love her, and hope she lands and wins one. She is one if the most verstaile and clearly underrated actresses. She can do comedy, drama, action, musical, biopic, romantic comedy. It frustrates me. Lol. Anyways, “Girl on the Train” looks brilliant, I mean that cast: Blunt, Allison Janney (whom I would LOVE if she too got a nom/win), Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Lisa Kudrow, Edgar Ramirez, and Laura Prepon. Just whoa.

        Awards Watch, what are your hopefuls or thoughts so far on the Oscar race?

        1. Blunt has probably been close a few times (with Sicario and The Young Victoria) but lower-tier of the top 10. The Girl on the Train looks like good, pulpy material but this year is just so packed.

          As far as thoughts on the Oscar race, there are links in this article (as well as the two images) and you can always find our current predictions (and links) on the main page.

          1. That is what I am seeing- how packed this year is. And I feel really stupid because after I commented you back I realized you wrote the article and I was like ohhhhh. My bad. So, I do look forward to reading your future posts. Thanks for the discussion. 🙂

          2. What, no way! Don’t feel bad at all. Discussion and conversation are the most fun part of this and I appreciate your input.

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