Tue. May 26th, 2020

2018 Cannes: Edouard Baer will be Master of Ceremonies for 71st Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is pleased to announce that Edouard Baer will be the next master of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of its 7th edition.

“After two magnificent performances in 2008 and 2009 that left more than one of happiness, Edouard Baer returns to the control of the opening and closing nights of the Cannes Film Festival as master of ceremonies, rich of ten years of spiritual research far from sunlight, fury, and noise. This year again, he has agreed to donate his magnificent person for the greatest glory of world cinema, having nothing to gain in this operation except a few significant roles in extremely qualitative films. He proposes to bring to this evening of stilted and embijoutée a revival of taste for the cinema, a certain relaxed gaiety, a pleasure to be there, in short, the life. And the modesty of a man who is delighted to find you. Thank you for your attention.” – Edouard Baer, himself

CANAL + produces the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 7th Cannes Film Festival, which will be broadcast live and exclusively on May 8 and 19, 2018.

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