Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

2020/2021 Awards Calendar

The 2020/2021 awards calendar will be updated throughout the year as new dates for film’s biggest and best events, nominations awards are announced.

With the coronavirus pandemic dramatically altering the landscape of filmmaking, film festivals and eventual film awards, this will be a constantly evolving schedule. After Sundance in January, all festivals have so far been canceled or have gone virtual. While we have dates for Venice, Telluride, Toronto and more, any of those could change in the coming weeks and months.

After a shortened season last year, what was meant to be a return to the end of February is now going to give us an Oscars ceremony later than any its history save the very first, April 25th. That announcement caused an avalanche, with BAFTA and the Spirit Awards announcing date changes almost immediately. Expect all other guild, critic and industry awards to show up much later into 2021 as well.

Color code:

Orange – Nominations
Blue – Film Festivals
Green – Awards
Purple – Events
Red – Voting Periods


2nd-12th – Venice International Film Festival (VIFF) – in person

10th-19th – Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) – virtual

25th-October 11th – New York Film Festival (NYFF) – virtual


8th-14th – Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) – virtual and drive-in

8th-18th – Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF) – virtual and drive-in

15th-18th – Middleburg Film Festival (MFF) – virtual

15th-22nd – AFI FEST (AFI) – virtual


12th – Gotham Award Nominations (IFP)


9th – SFFILM Awards Night

12th – European Film Awards (EFA)

18th – New York Film Critics Circle Awards (NYFCC)

20th – Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards (LAFCA)


11th – Gotham Awards (IFP)

26th – National Board of Review Awards (NBR)

28th-February 3rd – Sundance Film Festival


3rd – Golden Globe Award Nominations (HFPA)

4th – Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations (SAG)

7th – Critics’ Choice Awards Nominations (CCA)

9th – Oscar Shortlists Announced (AMPAS)

16th – Writers Guild of America Nominations (WGA)

25th – Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

26th – American Film Institute AFI Awards (AFI)

28th – Golden Globe Awards (HPFA)

MARCH 2021

2nd – Art Directors Guild Nominations (ADG)

2nd – Cinema Audio Society Nominations (CAS)

3rd – Annie Award nominations

4th – Costume Designers Guild nominations (CDG)

5th – Oscar Nomination Voting Begins

7th – Critics’ Choice Awards (CCA)

8th – Producers Guild of America Nominations (PGA)

9th – American Society of Cinematographers Nominations (ASC)

10th – Oscar Nomination Voting Ends

11th – American Cinema Editors Nominations (ACE)

14th – Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

15th – Oscar Nominations (AMPAS)

21st – Writers Guild of America Awards (WGA)

24th – Producers Guild of America Awards (PGA)

31st – April 10th – Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF)

APRIL 2021

6th – Visual Effects Society Awards (VES)

7th – African-American Film Critics Association Awards (AAFCA)

10th – Art Directors Guild Awards (ADG)

10th – Directors Guild of America Awards (DGA)

11th – EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA)

13th – Costume Designers Guild Awards (CDG)

15th – Final Oscar Voting Begins

16th – Annie Awards

17th – Cinema Audio Society Awards (CAS)

18th – American Cinema Editors Awards (ACE)

18th – American Society of Cinematographers Awards (ASC)

20th – Final Oscar Voting Ends

24th – Film Independent Spirit Awards

25th – Academy Awards (AMPAS)

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