Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Awardswatch’s Best Actor Nominee Rankings – 2000s Edition


The Best Picture Rankings of the 2000s era nominees proved so popular that we’re back and this time counting down the Best Actor nominees! Awardswatch voters dug deep to analyze which Oscar nominated performances have stuck with us the most and which have been forgotten. Surprisingly, there were no ties in the Best Actor list. A huge thank you to Nicole Latayan (aka klariso) for skippering this crazy ship. Prepare yourself for some shockers once we get to the top 20!

Here are the hints:

1. Only one performance received no votes.
2. One actor has two of his nominated performances in the bottom five.
3. Only two times did Oscar and AW agree on the winning performance of each year.
4. Two years have four of the five performances in the upper half while two years also have four of the five performances in the lower half.
5. 16 different performances ranked first on the ballots.

The List: 50-41…

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