Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Awardswatch’s Best Picture Nominee Rankings – 2000s Edition


If there’s anything Awardswatch loves as much as awards and actressing (or omg, awards for actressing!) it’s lists. What we have for you today is a COMPLETE and DEFINITIVE list of every Best Picture nominated film of the 2000s. From the loved to the reviled. From the films that were flashes in the zeitgeist pan to those that have stood the test of time (or at least a few years). The list was compiled by our own Nicole…not Kidman, Latayan (you might know him better as klariso) and voted on by Awardswatch members. For Your Consideration posts were thrown up with the zest and fervor of a Melissa Leo Oscar campaign and fighting was fierce (could it be anything else at AW?).

Here are a few clues, hints and reveals:

1. Only one director (who also won Best Director during the same decade) has two films in the Top 10.

2. Meanwhile, two Oscar nominated actors have two films each in the bottom five of the list.

3. Only three Oscar Best Picture nominees received no votes. None of those ended up winning Best Picture…which means all Best Picture winners have received votes.

4. If you will rank how the films performed alongside their co-nominees for a given year, only two (2) Best Picture winners ended up fifth in their respective years.

5. Using the same pattern ahead, there are three (3) years where in AW and Oscar agreed on the Best Picture prize.

The List 55-51…

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