Wed. May 27th, 2020

‘Bombshell,’ ‘Joker,’ ‘Downton Abbey’ top Makeup & Hair Stylist Guild (MUAH) motion picture winners

Big Little Lies, Dancing with the Stars, Saturday Night Live are television winners

The Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild (MUAHS, IATSE Local 706) announced winners of its 7th Annual MUAHS Awards in 23 categories of film, television, commercials and live theater, during a formal gala at the NOVO by Microsoft at L.A. Live Downtown on Saturday night, January 11, 2020. Winners in the Feature Motion Pictures categories include BombshellJoker and Downton AbbeyTelevision winners include Big Little Lies, Fosse/Verdon and Chernobyl. For the categories in Television Special/Motion Picture Made for Television, winners include Saturday Night Live, Dancing with the Stars and Deadwood: The Movie.

Winners in the Daytime Television category were awarded to The Real and Children/Teen Program honors went to A Series of Unfortunate Events. Theatrical awards were bestowed upon Cats the Musical and Hamilton. The Commercial/Music Video Award was presented to Pose: Promo Campaign.

The awards took place before an audience of more than 900, including guild members, industry executives and press. Julie Socash, President, and Randy Sayer, Business Representative, presided over the awards ceremony. Returning again as producer of this year’s MUAHS Awards (#MUAHSawards) was Erick Weiss of Honeysweet Creative.

Award-winning actor Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his work in the Star Trek and X-Men series, received this year’s Distinguished Artisan Award celebrating his prolific acting career on stage and screen spanning nearly six decades. Presenting the Distinguished Artisan Award to Stewart were Brent Spiner, star of Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Next Generation; James MacKinnon, Emmy® Award-winning Makeup and Prosthetic Artist, Star Trekfranchise including Star Trek: Picard; and Michael Westmore, Academy® and Emmy Award-winning Makeup Artist and Designer of the Star Trekfranchise. Stewart has received multiple Emmy®, Golden Globe®, Grammy®, and SAG® Award nominations for his work across television and film and is a three-time Olivier Award® winner and a Tony Award® nominee for his distinguished stage work. Amongst his numerous honors, Queen Elizabeth conferred on Patrick the order of the Officer of the British Empire (O.B.E.), and in 2010, Patrick received a knighthood for his service to Drama.

Thomas Burman, Emmy-winning make-up artist, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Make-up celebrating his award-winning career in motion pictures and television for over five decades. He has won seven Emmy Awards, received 31 Emmy nominations, and one Oscar nomination, among many other accolades. His honor was presented by Vincent Van Dyke, Emmy-winning Make-up and Prosthetic Artist (Star Trek: Picard). 

Martin Samuel, Oscar®-nominated film and celebrity hair stylist received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Hair Styling applauding his career spanning the last 40 years and credited with more than 60 films, including three Oscar nominations. Presenting his award was Michael Apted, English director, producer, writer and actor and past president of the Directors Guild of America.  

Another highlight of the evening was a moving In Memoriam segment, performed by singer Lisa Deveaux. A special John Singleton In-Memoriam honor was presented by longtime friends and associates Craig Brewer, writer and director of Memphis with John Singleton, and Rob Smith, Associate Producer, Dolemite is My Name. Daughter Justice Singleton was on hand to accept the award, given with love from the Guild whose members worked closely with Singleton on numerous projects.

Here is the full list of winners of the 7th annual Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild.

Feature-Length Motion Picture – BEST CONTEMPORARY MAKE-UP
Avengers: End Game
                    John Blake, Francisco Perez, Dennis Liddiard   
Bombshell – WINNER
                    Vivian Baker, Cristina Waltz, Richard Redlefsen
                    Margot Boccia, Roxanne Rizzo
John Wick: Chapter 3 -Parabellum 
                    Stephen M. Kelley, Anna Stachow, Jacenda Burkett
                    Scott Wheeler, Tym Shutchai Buacharern, Sabrina Castro

Feature-Length Motion Picture – BEST PERIOD AND/OR CHARACTER MAKE-UP
Dolemite is My Name
                    Vera Steimberg, Debra Denson, Deborah Huss-Humphries
Downton Abbey
                    Anne Nosh Oldham, Elaine Browne, Sam Smart
Joker – WINNER
                    Nicki Ledermann, Tania Ribalow, Sunday Englis
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood 
                    Heba Thorisdottir, Gregory Funk
                    Lizzie Yianni Georgiou, Tapio Salmi, Laura Solari

Feature-Length Motion Picture – BEST SPECIAL MAKE-UP EFFECTS
Bombshell – WINNER
                    Kazu Hiro, Vivian Baker, Richard Redlefsen
Captain Marvel
                    Brian Sipe, Alexei Dmitriew, Sabrina Wilson
The Irishman
                    Mike Marino, Mike Fontaine, Carla White
 It: Chapter Two
                    Sean Sansom, Shane Zander, Iantha Goldberg
                    Barrie Gower, Lizzie Yianni Georgiou, Victoria Money
6 Underground
                    Jana Carboni, Leonardo Cruciano

Feature-Length Motion Picture – BEST CONTEMPORARY HAIR STYLING
Bombshell – WINNER
                    Anne Morgan, Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Adruitha Lee 
                    Angel De Angelis, Dierdre Harris
John Wick: Chapter 3 -Parabellum 
                    Kerrie Smith, Therese Ducey
                    Kay Georgiou, Vanessa Anderson, Mitchell Beck
The Laundromat
                    Marie Larkin, Yvette Stone, J. Roy Helland
6 Underground
                   Giuliano Mariano, Domingo Santoro, Luco Saccuman  

Dolemite is My Name
                    Carla Joi Farmer, Stacey Morris, Linda Villalobos
Downton Abbey – WINNER
                    Anne Nosh Oldham, Elaine Browne, Marc Pilcher
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
                    Audrey Futterman-Stern
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
                    Janine Rath-Thompson, Michelle Diamantides
                    Lizzie Yianni Georgiou, Tapio Salmi, Laura Solari

Television Series, Mini-Series or New Media Series – BEST CONTEMPORARY MAKE-UP
Big Little Lies – WINNER
                    Michelle Radow, Erin Good-Rosenmann
                      Doniella Davy, Kirsten Coleman
Grace and Frankie
                    Melissa Sandora, David De Leon, Bonita DeHaven
The Handmaid’s Tale
                    Burton LeBlanc, Alastair Muir, Faye Crasto
Russian Doll
                    Amy L. Forsythe, Heidi Pakdel, Danielle Minnella

Television Series, Mini-Series or New Media – BEST PERIOD AND/OR CHARACTER MAKE-UP
American Horror Story: 1984 
                    Carleigh Herbert, Michael Mekash, Abby Clawson
                    Daniel Parker, Natasha Nikolic-Dunlop
Fosse/Verdon – WINNER
                    Debbie Zoller, Dave Presto, Jackie Risotto
Game of Thrones
                    Jane Walker, Kay Bilk
                    Lana Horochowski, Maurine Burke

Television Series, Mini-Series or New Media – BEST SPECIAL MAKE-UP EFFECTS
American Horror Story: 1984
                    Michael Mekash, Vincent Van Dyke, Carleigh Herbert
Chernobyl – WINNER
                    Daniel Parker, Barrie Gower, Paul Spateri
                    Debbie Zoller, Dave Presto, Jackie Risotto
Game of Thrones
                     Barrie Gower, Sarah Gower
Star Trek: Discovery
                    Glenn Hetrick, James Mackinnon, Rocky Faulkner

Television Series, Mini-Series or New Media – BEST CONTEMPORARY HAIR STYLING
Big Little Lies – WINNER
                    Jose Zamora, Lorena Zamora, Lona Vigi
                    Araxi Lindsey, Enoch Williams
                    Melissa Forney, Al Payne, Nolan Kelly
Grace and Frankie
                    Kelly Kline, Jonathan Hanousek, Marlene Williams
The Handmaid’s Tale
                    Paul Elliot, Ewa Latak-Cynk

Television Series, Mini-Series or New Media – BEST PERIOD AND/OR CHARACTER HAIR STYLING
American Horror Story: 1984
                    Michelle Ceglia, Analyn Cruz, Taschi Lynell 
                    Daniel Parker, Julio Parodi, Bozena Maisejenko
Fosse/Verdon – WINNER
                    Christopher Fulton, Christen Edwards, Christine Cantrell
                    Theraesa Rivers, Valerie Jackson
                    Barry Lee Moe, Timothy Harvey, Sabana Majeed

Television Special, One Hour or More Live Program Series or Movie Made for Television – 
American Idol
                    Tonia Green, Gina Ghiglieri, Michelle Chung
Dancing with the Stars
                    Julie Socash, Alison Gladieux, Donna Bard
Saturday Night Live – WINNER
                    Louie Zakarian, Amy Tagliamonti, Jason Milani
So You Think You Can Dance: Season 16 
                    Tonia Green, Silvia Leczel, Alison Gladieux
World of Dance
                    Tonia Green, Danielle Rush

Television Special, One Hour or More Live Program Series or Movie Made for Television – 
Deadwood: The Movie
                    Lana Horochowski, Maurine Burke, Lesa Nielsen Duff
Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” and “The
                    Patty Bunch, Farah Bunch
Patsy & Loretta
                    Jori Jenae McGuire, Julie Callihan, Laura Godwin
Rent Live! 
                    Zena Shteysel Green, Angela Moos, Donna Bard
Saturday Night Live – WINNER
                    Louie Zakarian, Amy Tagliamonti, Jason Milani

Television Special, One Hour or More Live Program Series or Movie Made for Television – 
Celebrity Big Brother 2
                    Tyson Fountaine, Brian Penikas, Scott Wheeler 
MTV- 2019 Video Music Awards
                    Angelique Velez, Kyle Krueger
                    Vyvy Tran 
Saturday Night Live – WINNER
                    Louie Zakarian, Jason Milani, Tom Denier Jr.

Television Special, One Hour or More Live Program Series or Movie Made for Television – 
America’s Got Talent
                    Dean Banowetz, Ryan Randall, Cory Rotenberg
Dancing with the Stars – WINNER
                    Mary Guerrero, Kimi Messina, Gail Ryan
So You Think You Can Dance: Season 16
                    Dean Banowetz, Melanie Verkins, Ryan Randall
The Voice
                    Jerilynn Stephens, Meagan Herrera-Schaaf, Amber Maher
World of Dance 
                    Dean Banowetz, Meagan Herrera-Schaaf, Cory Rotenberg

Television Special, One Hour or More Live Program Series or Movie Made for Television – BEST PERIOD AND/OR CHARACTER HAIR STYLING
          Deadwood: The Movie – WINNER
                    Melissa Yonkey, Laine Trzinski, Jose Zamora
Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” and “The Jefferson’s”
                    Tim Burke, Pixie Schwartz, Conrad Hilton 
Patsy & Loretta 
                    Yvette Stone, Teresa Morgan
Rent Live!
                    Barry Lee Moe, April Schuller, Erica Adams

Daytime Television– BEST MAKE-UP
The Bold and The Beautiful
                    Christine Lai Johnson, Chris Escobosa, Stacey Alfano
Dr. Phil 
                    Cool Benson, Alan Bosshardt, Christina Patch
Price is Right
                    Carol Wood
The Real – WINNER
                    Melanie Mills, Uzmee Krakovszki, Motoko Honjo-Clayton 
The Young and The Restless
                    Patricia Denney, Kathy Jones, Laura Schaffer Holmes

Daytime Television – BEST HAIR STYLING 
Dr. Phil                                                
                    Mimi Vodnoy-Love, Annette Jones
The Bold and the Beautiful                  
                    Lisa Long, Danielle Spencer, Lauren Larsen
The Real – WINNER
                    Roberta Gardener-Rogers, Noogie Thai, Ray Dodson
The Young and the Restless                 
                    Adriana Lucio, Regina Rodriquez, Lauren Mendoza

Children & Teen Television Programming – BEST MAKE-UP
All That
                    Michael Johnston, Melanie Mills, Allan Apone
A Series of Unfortunate Events – WINNER
                    Rita Ciccozzi, Tanya Hudson, Krista Seller
Henry Danger
                    Michael Johnston, Patti Brand-Reese, Brad Look
Just Add Magic
                    Myriam Arougheti, Merry Lee Traum
No Good Nick
                    Myriam Arougheti, Merry Lee Traum, Jacklynn Evans

Children & Teen Television Programming – BEST HAIR STYLING
All That
                    Joe Matke, Dwayne Ross, Roma Goddard
A Series of Unfortunate Events – WINNER
                    Julie McHaffie, Dianne Holme
Fuller House
                    Anna Maria Orzano, Sandra Munk
Lip Sync BattleShorties
                    Jerilynn Stephens, Kathleen Leonard, Cory Rotenberg
Malibu Rescue
                    Pavy Olivarez, Monique Hyman, Laura Caponera

Commercials & Music Videos – BEST MAKE-UP
All That
                    Michael Johnston, Melanie Mills, Brad Look
Botched: Season 6 Promo
                    Jason Collins, Carlton Coleman, Michael McCarty
Geico: A Witch for a Third Roommate
                    Dominie Till, Pepe Mora
Pose: Promo Campaign – WINNER
                    Kerry Herta, Sherri Lawrence
Warehouse ‘The ‘Good/Evil’ Spectrum Communications Ad

                    Edward French, Kevin Haney, Bruce Fuller

Commercials & Music Videos – BEST HAIR STYLING
Budweiser – Reserve Copper Lager Commercial
                    Enzo Angileri
Pose: Promo Campaign – WINNER
                    Joe Matke, Fernando Navarro, Barry Lee Moe
Something Amazing
                    Craig Gangi, Naomi Bakstad,
Weird Al Yankovic: Press Promo-Off Camera with Sam Jones
                    Sean James Cummins

Theatrical Production (Live Stage) – BEST MAKE-UP
Cats the Musical – WINNER
                    Jakey Hicks, Sierra Peterson
Into the Woods
                    Vanessa Dionne, Donna Levy, Jeff Knaggs
La Boheme
                    Darren Jinks, Brandi Strona
Reefer Madness
                    Michael Johnston, Fernando Navarro, Lauren Lillien
Sweeney Todd
                    Sharon Peng, Raven Winter

Theatrical Production (Live Stage) – BEST HAIR STYLING
Cats the Musical
                    Jakey Hicks, Sierra Peterson, Chanthy Tach
Hamilton – WINNER
                    Charles LaPointe, Daryl Terry
Into the Woods
                    Vanessa Dionne, Stephanie Fenner, Jeff Knaggs
La Boheme
                    Darren Jinks, Raquel Bianchini, Linda Cardenas
Sweeney Todd 
                    Sharon Peng, Raven Winter

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