Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

PGA buys Dallas, but leaves Llewyn Davis outside


If there is anything today’s PGA nominations confirmed, it’s that Dallas Buyers Club is beginning to look more and more like a good bet for an Oscar nomination. After already doing better than expected at SAG (where it also nabbed an ensemble nomination), it garnered a second industry nomination today. The upcoming Writers Guild Awards will be really interesting to watch in this regard. Since all of the favorites in the Best Original Screenplay have been saved from the WGA’s disqualifications this year, if Dallas does manage to get in there, its Best Picture nomination at the Oscars looks like an almost done deal.

Elsewhere, the eight films all expected to score a nomination on January 16th were acknowledged by the PGA, save one: Inside Llewyn Davis. That’s a serious snub, and it takes a bite out of the film’s chances, but one has to remember that the Coens’ A Serious Man also missed the PGA in 2009 en route to an Oscar nomination, so not all is lost yet. Still, the film looks shakier than before today, and it really needs that WGA nomination later this week (the Coens usually do well at the WGA though).

Outside Dallas Buyers Club, the two other films that made the cut, but were not penned in by everybody beforehand, were Saving Mr. Banks and Blue Jasmine. The latter is surely a big surprise, but whether this really translate to an Oscar nomination for the film remains to be seen, with chances still slim. Banks looks better in that regard, but if there is any guild it would show up, it would probably be here. Still, good day for Disney.

The biggest loser today was Harvey Weinstein, who saw both Lee Daniels’ The Butler and Fruitvale Station miss (and to a lesser extent August: Osage County). It’s not a good year for Harv…..


12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Blue Jasmine
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
Saving Mr. Banks
The Wolf of Wall Street


The Croods
Despicable Me 2
Monsters University

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