Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Six – “Argestes”

There certainly was a ton of dominoes to drop during tonight’s episode of Succession, here are the top 5 takeaways from tonight’s episode.

5. Everyone’s favorite odd couple

Gerri and Roman are planning an alliance? What is this survivor and to what end? I understand these are obviously into some kinky business but in the corporate world, Roman is the last person I’d want to align with.

4. So the best way to combat a piece slamming Waystar’s treatment of women is to trot out Shiv?

The Roy children were far from unified during this panel. However, it seems Shiv was able to do the best job at diminishing the blowback from the article. Kendall only cares about impressing dad and Roman just wants to be seen.

3. RIP deal to save Waystar

There’s a major meltdown which leads to the deal to save Waystar falling to bits (more so due to the cruise story than anything) and it might result in Holly Hunter’s character joining the Roy’s in their fight (I mean she is unemployed now).

2. If you are wondering what the worst jobs are in Waystar, it’s the ones these guys have

Being the legal counsel and the head of public relations have to be the two worst jobs not only in this television universe but in the world period. Who would want to clean up Logan Roy’s mess?

1. Call it a hunch but I think these two things are going to occur

For starters, I think there’s another salacious story involving Logan which he thought was about to come out (as it pertains to cruises) but this wasn’t that one. Why else would he go to his wife ahead of time and give her that heads up? That was very odd of him.

I also think that this will lead to him having to relinquish control on Waystar. Whether it’s through health or this buyout. It certainly would set up a delicious 3rd season.

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