Wed. May 29th, 2024

5 thoughts on “Why Johnny Depp and Black Mass Might Not Be the Oscar Bet Pundits Think It Is

  1. Great Read.. but you can add Sasha Stone to that too. She was a complete mess last season. Forgetting what her JOB is and not throwing her personal take on things.

    Sadly what some of them never get is THEY DON’T VOTE for the Oscar. They throw their support behind anyone but they still can’t vote.

  2. “but instead of using his position to actually predict and pundit, he’s using it as a bully pulpit to simply push his personal faves”

    LOL! But of course. He learned that at the court of his master #Sasha #paddedcell.

    Just keep reminding people of this and hopefully he will regain his misplaced integrity. He had a lot of great stuff to offer in the past and it’s a shame when that gets lost.

  3. Tapley’s not alone. It’s like last year when his Variety cohort Guy Lodge bragged on one of Tapley’s HitFix threads that he’d pushed the HFPA to give Jennifer Aniston the 5th Best Actress in a Drama nomination when they otherwise probably wouldn’t have given it to her. And then Pete Hammond at Deadline basically became Aniston’s unofficial spokesman. They’re not even trying to be subtle about their biases anymore.

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