Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Jack King

Jack is British film journalist, exhibitor and screenwriter. He currently resides in South East London but spends at least an hour per day wishing he was in the Italian Riviera - and no, not just because he watched Call Me By Your Name twenty-six times, thank you very much. He has attended all of the major festivals other than Venice but he's hoping to knock that off later this year. He sees himself much like his film taste: unashamedly queer and far tackier than he'd like to admit. When not writing the next great indie flick, or sat in a barely-lit art house auditorium, he can typically be found in a gay bar ranting about Ronald Reagan.

LFF Review: Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci give career-best turns in a champagne ‘Supernova’ in the sky

The most delicate moments of Supernova, the sublime sophomore feature from British director Harry Macqueen,…

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