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Matthew Joseph Jenner is an avid part-time writer and full-time film obsessed millennial who has been following awards shows since he was in elementary school, waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to watch the live broadcast of the Academy Awards, never looking back since. If it has celebrities handing out shiny trophies, you know he's watching. Other film-related interests include cult cinema, independent filmmaking and reviving the careers of long-irrelevant actors, rebranding them as Beloved Veterans™. He has been writing for his review site Movies Unchained since 2012.

TV Review: ‘Guava Island’

Rihanna and Donald Glover in Guava Island (Amazon Prime) It’s starting to feel like summertime with Guava Island When News broke in 2018 that Donald Glover, alternatively known by his musical pseudonym Childish Gambino, was working on a secret film project, to be helmed by his creative partner Hiro Murai (who directed Glover in some episodes of Atlanta as well …

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Review: ‘Native Son’ – reimagining a classic, retaining the anger

Ashton Sanders in Native Son from A24/HBO (photo: Matthew Libatique) From the very first moments of Native Son, the audience is overwhelmed by the dizzying blend of visual style and narrative intensity. Rashid Johnson, in his directorial debut, uses his career as an established postmodern artist to create a beautiful reimagining of Richard Wright’s incredible novel, bringing it into a …

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Review: ‘Barry’ is back for season 2 and as lethal as ever

Bill Hader in HBO’s Barry. (Photo: HBO/Isabella Vosmikova) In 2017, when Bill Hader signed on with HBO to create, write, direct and star as the titular character in a new show, Barry, we were all expecting something along the same lines as the Saturday Night Live alumni; more zany, excessive characters that defined his comedic career. Very few were anticipating …

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Review: Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Lupita Nyong’o knows something’s wrong in ‘Us‘ Jordan Peele has always had his finger firmly on the pulse of the human condition – this was evident in his groundbreaking comedic work on Mad TV and Key &  Peele, but it has been proven to be one of his most remarkable talents through his transition into a horror film auteur, the …

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