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2018 Oscar Nomination Predictions


Follow the 2018 Oscar Predictions from The Gold Rush Gang in Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor and 18 other categories – updated LIVE


Best Picture

Bryan BonafedeGreg HowardEvan
Jason OsiasonKenneth
Denizcan SürücüRichard
Şükrü SöğütMatt DinnTOTAL
1Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (Fox Searchlight)221112111197
2Get Out (Universal)135221232386
3Lady Bird (A24)313353343280
4The Shape of Water (Fox Searchlight)442434424475
5Dunkirk (Warner Bros)564675555557
6The Post (20th Century Fox)677566666748
7Call Me By Your Name (Sony Pictures Classics)756747777647
8I, Tonya (Neon)88889888826
9The Florida Project (A24)91098910
10Darkest Hour (Focus Features)895
11The Big Sick (Amazon/Lionsgate)9103
All the Money in the World (Sony)
Baby Driver (Sony)
Blade Runner 2049 (Warner Bros)
Molly's Game (STX Entertainment)
Mudbound (Netflix)
Phantom Thread (Focus Features)
Wonder Woman (Warner Bros)
Wonder (Lionsgate)

Best Director

Bryan BonafedeGreg HowardEvan
Jason OsiasonKenneth
Denizcan SürücüRichard
Şükrü SöğütMatt DinnTOTAL
1Guillermo del Toro - The Shape of Water211141212194
2Christopher Nolan - Dunkirk422213121290
3Martin McDonagh - Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri533334433376
4Jordan Peele - Get Out155452345571
5Greta Gerwig - Lady Bird344536554467
6Steven Spielberg - The Post686697667841
7Sean Baker - The Florida Project869875776740
8Luca Guadagnino - Call Me By Your Name777768888638
9Paul Thomas Anderson - Phantom Thread989891099919
10Denis Villeneuve - Blade Runner 204910101010105
11Dee Rees - Mudbound109104
12Ridley Scott - All the Money in the World92
12Joe Wright - Darkest Hour10102
Craig Gillespie - I, Tonya
Patty Jenkins - Wonder Woman

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  1. Well, ok, let’s fix for future (if you don’t mind): #13, 8 pts, 1 mention (Jason) for “Call Me By Your Name” (12.03.2017)

  2. Why exactly ‘The Current War’ has advantage over ‘Mary Magdalene’ ? Given that November is release date for MM and December for the ‘War” we can conclude that ‘Mary Magdalene’ is the favorite of TWC for next season.

    • Those release dates are definitely significant. It’s also early and TWC has notoriously moved their dates around before locking them down. Look at Burnt or The Founder. We won’t know their true #1 until probably summer time.

      • That’s right. In 2015, after Cannes premiere ‘Carol’ was TWC’s choice for December but in July (or August), the movie got November release date. We’ll see what will happen this summer with MM and ‘War’.

  3. Don’t understand your faith in Joe Wright (“Darkest Hour”) in directing category. So let’s fix it:
    #5, 55 pts, 9 mentions (gingerly kudos for Bryan) (12.04.2017)

  4. Are these rankings based on solely the cast and director? Meaning the more Oscar nominated/winners on an upcoming movie the higher the rating, or is there something else to it? Now I didn’t see your 2017 predictions but based off of this I would say that Moonlight was prob rated very low?

    • We take every possible thing into account for rankings. Director, cast, subject, studio, release date, subject matter, anything relevant. Moonlight was mid-low in early 2016 but built quickly by end of summer/pre fall, ahead of most predictors on the web.