Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

2015 Summer Box Office Predictions

The “summer” box office season is almost upon…or is it already here? With Furious 7, the 7th installment in the Fast and/or Furious franchise blowing up the worldwide box office it will easily end up in this year’s box office top 10 and probably even top 5. Sitting at $1.15 billion worldwide ($322M of that here in the states) it’s already at #4…of ALL TIME. In just over two weeks the film has earned over $325M in China alone, the highest grossing film in that country’s history. Any bets on where Furious 8 will be set? No matter what the rest of the year has in store this is the box office story of 2015.

But, these ten films are going to try and give Furious 7 a run for its money and it’s looking like a healthy summer haul is in order. Not too surprisingly, the majority of the list is made up of sequels and/or remakes with just four original films likely to crack the top 10.

trainwreck-poster10.  Trainwreck – $145M – July 17

Amy Schumer is having a good year. In just a short time she’s gone from being an unknown comedian at Comedy Central Roasts to her own hugely successful TV show (Inside Amy Schumer) with high profile celebs clamoring for a guest spot. This is one of those R-rated comedies that could break out big like Bridesmaids.
spy-poster9. Spy – $150M – June 5

Even with bad movies, Melissa McCarthy can pull in an audience. Tammy nearly hit $100M last summer and The Heat hit big with $159M (with the help of comedy queen Sandra Bullock). Still, a fun premise, a good trailer and with Bridesmaids creator Paul Feig, Spy looks to be a solid bet.

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