Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

2015 Summer Box Office Predictions

mission-impossible-rogue-nation6. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – $195M – July 31

After the series made a strong comeback with the 4th film Ghost Protocol ($209M), Rogue Nation looks to be nearly as strong.  Granted, that film opened in December and may have a made a difference. Tom Cruise hasn’t had a lot of success in the last 10 years outside of Mission: Impossible so continuing with series makes a lot of sense. Plus, that scene in the trailer of him holding onto that plane door during take-off is going to bring people in.
ted-25. Ted 2 – $200M – June 26

The other big summer breakout of 2012 was Ted. A massive $54M opening on its way to a final haul of nearly $220M should put this sequel, which features Ted the bear trying to procreate, right in the mix of the summer box office hits.
jurassic-world-pratt4. Jurassic World – $250M – June 12

There’s been a lot of anticipation for this film. The ubiquitous Chris Pratt stars along with a brand new bio-engineered dinosaur in this 3rd sequel to the Oscar-winning box office smash of 1993. Curiously though, the tally for each film has gone down so will this break the trend? It’s been 14 years since the last Jurassic film and the clips and trailers so far haven’t really blown people away but feel like more of the same. But then, in a world of sequels and remakes isn’t that what people want?

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