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5 thoughts on “2015 Oscars: Gold Rush Gang Oscar Predictions August 2014 – Birdman Flies, Boyhood Grows Up, Selma Marches On

  1. I love this, I deeply hope it gets update through the season, and that, this format will continue for winner and nominee predictions.

  2. People are overestimating Boyhood, IMHO. The current hype helps people forget how competitive things can get by mid-autumn and I don’t think that an IFC production can summon a campaign that can compete with more bait-y contenders.

    1. IFC has been very vocal about mounting a campaign for Boyhood so we have to believe that. It is the biggest critical hit of the decade and is proving to be a box office success as well. Critics will be able to keep the film afloat and in conversation through awards season and, as every year, some of those mid-autumn and Christmas Oscar hopefuls will end up being non-starters.

  3. I hear you, Tyler but IFC has been pretty vocal about mounting a campaign for ‘Boyhood’ and that it plans to keep the film in theaters through awards season. Every year has a summer indie that hits the mark with critics that push it through to the end, sometimes with very good results. Beasts of the Southern Wild is a good, recent example. Plus, with so many Oscar hopefuls packed into the short run of the end of the year, a handful of them will be non-starters and begin falling to the side.

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